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From: "Edwards, Waverly" <Waverly.Edwards@...>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 18:22:54 -0500
Got it.  

I looked in the FB Help (Apple Help version).
I didnt think to look in the PDF version.


From: futurebasic@... [futurebasic@...] On Behalf Of Brian S [fblistserve@...]
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 4:47 PM
To: futurebasic@...
Subject: Re: [FB] [ANN] FB 5.6.1 release

Was wondering if anyone would notice these

599 - see FBHelp 'begin enum' and look for the 'output' and 'not output' options. Generates C source using the constants coded in your FB source.

600 - helpful with non-project single-source compiles that need Objective-C. Bernie’s baby. He could undoubtedly tell you more.

601 - alternative syntax for FB’s 'select case'. Essentially generates C switch statements instead of the difficult to read nest if statements. Mostly a benefit for those working in the generated C code. See FBHelp for Select Case.

603 - was discussed in earlier posts. This is official implementation of that discussion.