[futurebasic] Re: Takes 2 tries to load resources in OS8

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From: "Pierre A. Zippi" <pzippi@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 08:03:49 -0500
David Blache wrote:
> Unless I am misreading the problem, this sounds an awful lot like the
> anomoly mentioned in tech note #38
> (http://www.stazsoftware.com/tn38.html).  Check to be sure that you are
> running the latest version of FB II.  I believe we fixed this problem in
> mid-late January.  There are two ways to fix the problem: [1] update FB
> II to the latest version, or [2] poking a zero word into the address
> pointed to by _acount.  See the technote for more info.

I am (almost) positive that I am using the latest FBII update. I just updated
before the programming session when the problem happened. I am at work now,
but I will check my FB version tonight.

The problem description in TN38 is backwards from what I experience.
It is the first attempt to bring up an alert that fails.

However, I will try:
% _ACount,0
and let you know if it solves the first call failure.

Pierre A. Zippi
Home email: paz@...
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