[futurebasic] Re: [FB] New Feature in FBtoC?

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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 09:20:25 -0400
On Oct 12, 2011, at 1:49 AM, Robert Purves wrote:

>>> 1) Allow mouse wheel/two-finger scroll of inactive windows. In many other applications, an inactive window can be scrolled if the mouse pointer is over it. The lack of this feature in FB has annoyed me especially when using Find. 
>> This was already in our bugs list, and turned out to be easy to fix for the next release, just a matter of commenting out the conditional here:
>> long if ( window( _activeDoc ) == wNum )
>> ...do the scroll
>> end if
> 'Easy to fix'?  Easy to fool oneself that it's fixed. Certainly the text jumps up and down noticeably when I twiddle the mouse wheel. What more could anyone want?
> Bernie wrote to me in careful words, as though to a small child, to say that my 'fix' is completely useless; some malign influence forces the text in backgound windows to the top after you stop scrolling. The Curse of the Editor strikes again...
> Robert P. 

From poking with the change here in my old source, it would seem that gEditorData.topLine for the background window is getting reset, and not updated as normal, when it is a top window?

Or, the deltas or button values being returned are off in fn VScrollLineCount, to set same?