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From: Max Taylor <maxclass@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 09:03:12 -0800
The Team,

Thanks guys for everything. Especially like the ability to scroll another window without have to select it. Also like the addition of "float" 

Guess I did not get 'my' wish list in soon enough but this one thing would really be nice.

Almost everything I do (with classes) is broken up into a interface file ".xh" and an implementation file ".xm" with those corresponding new file extensions. (OK, maybe I'm the only one)

My request follows in line with features of the editors Xcode and TextWrangler.

Both of those editors have one very nice ability built in and that is the ability to open the corresponding header file by clicking on the icon (or button) or vice versa depending on which file you have open. Because the file names are the same only the extensions are switched to open the corresponding partner file.

Maybe allowing us to specify the matching extensions we would want the editor to automatically open for us then let the button or icon do the rest.

I'm sure all of us have used that feature at some time or another and really appreciate having it.

Obviously we can't use extensions like ".h" or ".c" or ".m" because those are reserved. That is why I added the "x" in front of mine so they are unique and do not interfere with any existing file extensions.

Maybe something like ".fbh" and ".fbm" for header and source files for FB project files.

Just a thought but it would be a very handy feature.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Max Taylor
The MaxClass Guy