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From: Chris <behmc@...>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 22:25:25 -0500
>Looks very much like FB^3 is headed the way of Think Pascal
>before it was dumped.
>And I don't mean this badly.
>A lot of 'cool' folks still swear by this environment. And it
>was just introducing OOP stuff before it disappeared...
>I look forward to the day when the beta testers start leaving
>crytic comments in their postings to this list:-)

I don't understand why everyone thinks OOP is so hard.  I taught myself
Java when it first came out because it looked interesting and it is
completely OOP.  C++ is OOP (well, mostly OOP) and if anyone wants a
comparison with another language they usually jump to C/C++.  It isn't just
new buzz words, it is a programming ideal.  It's based upon code reuse to
THE EXTREME.  If someone wants me to try and explain it I will, I can't
promise it will be the most clear thing you ever read but I'll try.  If
anyone else thinks they can explain it clearly and concisely then by all
means do so.

Right now I'm using Java for a class on Data Structures and, while granted
Java is slow, it is much nicer than trying to do the same things in FBII or
even C++.  I think often OOP is not fully understood/implemented when it is
used in other languages (like C++) and so what is a different programming
style often looks like new buzz words.

My $0.02,