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From: Ted Spencer <tedspencer50@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 14:12:18 -0400
On 4 Sep, 2012, at 11:03 AM, Steve wrote:

> Is there anyone who is using Mountain Lion and a USB> RS232 adapter ?

Almost, but not quite...

I've Arduino things hanging on the end of USB on 10.7.4 and it's working fine. The magic interface on some of the Arduino boards is an FTDI USB to serial convertor chip which is completely invisible to the user; the 232 connection to the Atmel chip is just there and running through it. Other Arduino boards have their own hand-rolled interface/software. In either case, the thing plugs in and goes: no driver download nor nuffink.

The Tripp-Lite/Keyspan USA-28XG web page stops talking at 10.6. I've a USA-28XB which does NOT appear to work on 10.6.8. The USA-19HS presents itself as compatible with 10.7.

If all else fails, get an Arduino Uno (~$30) which, with a teensy bit of soldering, will produce an RS232 port They'll throw in another Atmel micro that can do almost anything, on a cute board is very easy to connect to, and a very cute C development system that runs beautifully on a Mac, at no extra cost.

Cute. What software development ought to be at the micro level. 

Actually, it's what software development is at the micro level.