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From: jonathan <jonathan@...>
Date: Mar, 28 Jul 98 23:11:25 +0200
>Hi there
>I am making a little app that Filemaker opens with an apple event, and some
>data gets passed in the clipboard that the little app then uses to make some
>thermal labels and send em down the serial port. So far so good.
>What I'd like is for the little app to hide itself when it's done. There is a
>time when it needs to be in the foreground, but after that, I want it to
>remove itself from active duty, interface guidelines be damned! (hehe)
>I have searched IM, but can't find out how to do this, although I'm sure
>there's a toolbox call. All I want to do is to simulate the user selecting 
>"Hide <little app>" command under the app menu.
>If I can't find a call to do this, I'll probably just have the little app 
>itself when it's done, but I find that to be wasteful.

Look at the process manager calls in the FB examples.
When you start the app, grab the info about the Finder
you can pretty much back that it'll still be there when you leave :-)

Do your stuff. Hide your window.
Then call the finder from process manager stuff
and slip discreetly to the background.

Is this what you're looking for?


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