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From: Brian S <fblistserve@...>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 16:17:44 -0700
Bill Tomlinson wrote:

> Does anyone know of a way to kill or hide the Apple Menu in FB5?

Next time Bill Tomlinson wrote:
> I just wanted to hide the zeroth menu.

There might be another way to accomplish your goal if you would share why hiding the system-wide Apple menu is required. Generally( forgetting for the moment system stuff and kiosk mode ), the Apple menu is not meant to be removed by application programs and IIRC the Finder loads a nib for it. Notice code such as the following impacts only the App menu and not the Apple menu:

apple menu "About MyWonderfulApp...;-;Preferences.../,"
menu _appleMenu, 1, _disable
menu _appleMenu, 3, _disable
DisableMenuCommand( 0, _kHICommandQuit )

Targeting the 'zeroth' menu ( AFAIK ) does not provide access to the Apple menu. Share the goal of hiding the Apple menu and maybe an alternative approach will be suggested.