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From: tatewake@... (TJ Grant)

I said no such thing!!!

I'm innocent!!!

>TJ said:
>>2)  I posted it to this list because it sounds like more than just one
>>wanted it.  I doubt that it was so large to greatly irritate people but if
>>3)  I cannot get onto Chatworks web site...always get an error 404 Not
>>Found.  Is http://chatworks.de/SIG%20FutureBASIC/Sources%20%5BFB%5D/ the
>>proper address?
>Since this exchange went "to the list", I'll comment to the list... with
>the understanding that I'm _not_ picking on TJ here, just making a
>general reinforcement of the rules.

~ Windows 98.  Microsoft has been informed of this
   problem and has labeled it a "will not fix". ~

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