On Jun 13, 2014, at 10:21 PM, Brian S <fblistserve@...> wrote:

The reason I turn off “handle events” is because it slows down the action, at least it did on  FB4, I haven’t tested the speed of response on FB5.

Bill, sounds like you are maybe in need of a Poke Long event -8, 2 statement

That provides an FB4 type polling type behavior  (inside the handeEvents loop for instance) otherwise HandleEvents loop in an FB5 sits there pretty much until some event happens. 

// Example

Local Fn DoMenu
// usual menu handling for FB programs
end fn

// set up your menus then

on menu fn DoMenu

Poke Long event -8, 2 // before handleEvents loop

// Gives 30 times per second polling of Fn AnimateOrCheckSomething (potentially)

Fn AnimateOrCheckSomething
until gFBQuit

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