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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 10:53:46 -0400

>Children! stop squabbling!
>typographers on the list know the difference tween small caps and titling
>Microsoft may. And tedd sed similar as his hands flew over the keyboard at
>lightening speed, as is his wont.
>Subject closed.
>Will be posting a new RFC on this soon.
>Thanks and regards to all.


Well... PB was right, I was wrong and you're correct with your mending
guess that it was speed that caused the problem for my not understanding
the difference between small caps and titling.

You see, I often use Small Caps as titles to paragraphs in my report
writing. I just never realized that it was me that was putting capitals in
the first letter of each word before changing the title via Small Caps. I
do it so fast, that I thought that Small Caps was the function doing it.
Even when I went back to Word to test who was right/wrong in this tread, I
got it wrong again. I had to slow down to realize that it was me that was
capitalizing the first letter.

Sorry to all. At least when I screw up, I do it more than once before
getting it right -- now that's conviction!



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