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From: <AlStaff@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:15:56 EDT
<<<<If the app is running and i choose ShutDown from the Special menu in the
Finder all the other running apps quit but mine doesn't.
The size reource has the the accept high level events and accept local and
remote events set but the app doesn't quit automatically.>>>>

If you DON'T have the SIZE resource set to accept high level events (default
seeting for FB compiled apps) then you MUST have a File menu with an item
titled "Quit" and it has to have a COMMAND + Q next to it so the System can
select your quit menu during a shutdown, restart, or any time a quit
appleevent is sent to it such as through an AppleScript program.

If you DO have the SIZE resource set to accept high level events, then your
application MUST handle the required 4 appleevents (open app, open doc, print
doc, and quit app). During a shutdown or restart, your application will be
sent a quit event.

Al Staffieri Jr.