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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 15:57:55 -0400
>I have a program that draws say 300 overlaping filled circles (representing
>a cluster of atoms) in a window.  I first use the PICTURE ON and PICTURE OFF
>to recored the graphics and later display the picture in a refresh event.
>When displaying the picture, many of the filled circles are drawn over by
>other filled circles and hence wastes time, since roughly half of the
>circles are not seen in the final image (they are in the back of the
>cluster).  To speed things up I would like to draw the picture once and then
>display the final image on the screen without redrawing all the filled
>circles again with the PICTURE statement.  Can anyone point me in the right
>direction to do this.
>                                                          Eric Parks
>                                                          Argonne National Lab
>                                                          Argonne IL 60439


Use offscreen GWorlds. Try my example, tedd's GWorlds, located at my web
site (via below http) to see how this works.

You just need to draw the picture once in GWorld and then bring it forward
when you need to refresh.


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