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From: jonathan <jonathan@...>
Date: Sam, 10 Oct 98 20:53:06 +0200
>I though that at one time Apple was supposed to be distributing
>"language independent" headers, which defined data structures, parameter
>lists, etc. in some sort of "meta-language," so that publishers of _any_
>compiler of _any_ language could theoretically convert them into the
>necessary structures for the particular language.
>This seems to me like an Obvious Good Thing, but I have not heard about
>the eventual fate of this project.  Has anyone?

hey look! there's goes an openDoc object [wooooooosh]
And there a game sprocket!, no, I think it's coming back, No,
I'm not sure...
But there goes a GX glyph, woooom straight over the horizon.
And here comes a PowerTalk signature, it's limping, but...
it's going too!
Aha! I think I can see Emailer, Cocoa and there might be some
other fellas hiding in the shadows there. But I'm afraid that
they're on their way out too.

Erm? What were you saying Rick ;-)


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