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From: chris_henkel@... (Chris Henkel)
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 23:42:35 +0200
bowerbird writes:

Courierplease let me know if i'm missing something here...


I might be wrong, but: doesn't FB save the compiled contents of an include-file in (this files or the main files) a resfork, so it does not have to be recompiled until it has been changed?

And if you have 20 include files and they are compiled and in the end - to run or build your app - FB cant use the resfile, the inlcudes are still compiled (no need to recompile them after having closed the resfile) and you just have to  close the resfile, choose build again and only the main-file will be recompiled?

So: why would you recompile the whole project when only the resfile was missing? Wouldnt it be sufficient to just build the app by recompiling the mainfile?

Deep in the dark - hidden in the very back of my head an idea is rising that I might be wrong and it takes 2 minutes to compile only the mainfile on a Mac II...   ...then I must admit, that I dont have ever procuded such large projects, because I often work on a Q650 or an IIcx which both are not thaaat fast :o)


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