[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Splash interference

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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 23:40:10 -0800
>The delays seem to be due to disk access unrelated to the splash-window
>animation code (or, for that matter, any of the project code). It seems
>as if FB is busy loading resources (or something) from disk in the
>background. If there are redraws needed (on the desktop, for instance),
>those also steal major time from the animation. Once the disk and redraws
>are finished, Gary's animation settles down and works smoothly.
>You can observe the same kind of delays in the FB splash window when you
>first open FutureBASIC, which gives me little hope for a solution.
>Anyone know what is going on for those first (about) 9 seconds? Is there
>any way to deny--or limit--the time to those other processes? Or to
>interrupt them for some quick animation every couple of ticks?

I have noticed this FB delay anytime I have compiled and run an
application, and from within the editor. It is like FB is giving time to
other applications until it gets up and running, then takes over a whole
lot more. Animations will be jerky until this gets going. Annoying! :)

 Keeping "SimpleText" off while running _any_ application seems to speed up
all the other applications. SimpleText seems to regularly interrupt other
programs sheduled programming fairly often. Just something I have noticed
at times.

Robert Covington