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From: Paul Bruneau <paul_bruneau@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 08:44:40 -0500
You are right Jonathon! I had this same trouble and actually found the
part of Inside Macintosh where it tells us to do exactly that. Create
the item with a dummy name first, then change it to the actual name you
want to use. I had to put part numbers in a menu, and they were loaded
with those characters.


jonathan wrote:
> >Hi, all.  I used Michael Evan's suggestion for building pop-up menus 'on
> >the fly' (Michael's code is shown below) to construct a pop-up for a data
> >analysis program.  This pop-up contains the names of the various 'channels'
> >of data in a file (it's used to switch channels).  Michael's code works
> >fine, except that the channel names often contain some of the menu symbols
> >("/", "(","-", etc.) that FB uses to format menu text.  This causes a lot
> >of gibberish in the resulting pop-up.  I've made a work-around but it's not
> >very elegant.  Is there a way to temporarily turn off the menu text
> >formatting and avoid the problem altogether?  Thanks, Mark Chappell
> Unfortunately, these are 'meta' chars, not 'display'. The Mac (it's
> not FB here) interprets them to give keyboard shortcuts, change
> menu item style etc. AS you have probably found out.
> The safest way is to avoid them like the pest, but a workaround
> I have found if you use menu resources is just to put a holder
> "Menu Item 1" etc in the resource, and then use "INSERTMENUITEM"
> to put them in. I *believe* that 'meta's only work when _first_
> creating the menu, not when you adjust it afterwards.
> jonathan
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