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From: Lucy24@...
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:47:51 EST
> I have two drawings in different regions of a single off-screen GWorld and I
would like to know the smallest rectangle that includes just one of the
drawings, so I can copy that drawing to the clipboard. <snip> I can envision
some complicated ways to do it.  Can anyone fill me in on an easy way to do

>You can look up the details in the FB Handbook (p. 298) there is an item in
the region record (rgnH&..rgnBbox.rect) which is a rectangle that encloses
the region.<

Eric, did you actually mean "region" in the technical sense? If so, Charlie is
right & you can do it all in about two lines of code. If you mean "region"
informally (area, district, sector, general vicinity, nice neighborhood for
drawing but you wouldn't want to code there...), well then it's time for the
complicated ways. At a minimum, see if you can extract the drawing's region
(t.t.) from the code that _did_ the drawing in the first place, rather than
hauling bits (t.t) out of your gWorld and trying to translate them into
something usable.