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From: Sylvain Guillemette <allmedia@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 02:35:00 -0500
>Mars Saxman said:
>>This is actually Pascal, not C. Pascal resembles BASIC more closely than
>>C, so the conversion is actually much easier.
>and his reply hit just as I was about to send almost exactly the same
>thing! So, I'll kibitz...
>>>FUNCTION GetVolRefNum (PathName : str255; VAR VRefNum : integer) : OSErr;
>LOCAL FN GetVolRefNum(PathName$, @VRefNum&)
>Looks absolutely great! I tried to change the calling/returning syntax,
>where Mars left it alone, so I like his better... You'll note that
>neither of us actually _tried_ it, so we're guessing! :-)

MMmmmm, it's getting even more complicated :-)
I'll try to mix-match all the answers to make it work.