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From: BMichael@...
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:20:37 EST
>Btw: jonathan, there is a misleading link on one page. It sends the viewer
>to barebones-site when clicking onto 'Bill's ApplPolish'-link.


Okay, "gremlin munching time"! Somehow, between jonathan and I, we've 
each _removed_ a couple of "www.barebones.com" links from these pages 
already. (That's not the one _I_ found - which was on "return to Bill's 
FB pages") Now neither one of us has ever put any _in_ the pages...

WHERE ARE THESE COMING FROM!?!?! Does somebody at barebones (BBEdit's 
company) have something against my name? When you put "Bill" in a link, 
does BBEdit overwrite it? If so, I think we need to have a chat with them 
and tell them to do it only if the _last_ name is "Gates"...

P.S. Down to 14,447 things to do... after giving up on switching ISPs, 
having tried two and wasted two days, deciding to stick with AOL, since I 
can actually get _connected_ with AOL...