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From: BMichael@...
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 02:20:32 EST
>(and bill, this function might be in function junction #x,
>but _i_ got it off the a.o.l. boards, so nyah-nyah.
>i'm gonna post it here so it can help all the people here.
>so there!         :+)

A lot of code Ross did for FnJn also wound up in IB, and thus on the AOL 
boards, and vice-versa. Some of the routines in there are so commonly 
handed around now, they might as well be public domain! The value (to me 
anyway) of FnJn II when I bought it wasn't each individual function, 
which given enough time I could either write or locate somewhere, it was 
having them all in one place, with consistent comments and instructions, 
and the knowledge that the code was being used "just as is" by many other 
people, so any bugs would be spotted pretty quick! There _are_ quite a 
few functions in II that I _haven't_ seen anywhere else though, and when 
you need them, they're quite handy.

The stuff I did in III was written with one of three things in mind; 1) 
it was a function I needed for one of the two "commercial" apps I've 
worked on this last couple of years, that I thought was "general" enough 
that others could use it. 2) I had to support a system written in PICK 
BASIC briefly, and there were some _real_ nice string and array things 
"built in" that I felt should be in FB. 3) The multi-monitor stuff is 
"finishing off" what Ross started in II, as I'm real tired of having 
software not-work-quite-right on my dual monitor system, when it's so 
easy to do it "the right way"!

>but hey, listmembers, if you haven't bought 
>the function junctions yet,
>by all means do so.  they're worth their weight in gold.

I'll second that.... :-) And if you've been hiding under a rock lately, 
or are a new subscriber, I'm marketing them for Staz; you can email me 
privately for details.