[futurebasic] Appearance Manager Corruption

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From: Scott Goelzer <sgoelzer@...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 12:36:35 -0500
Weird problems:

I am working on a grading program and have reached a relatively stable
enough product that several teachers are using it. About a week ago many
copies started to calculate grades wrong. The source of this error was
tracked to the teacher-entered percentages for each grade
category(exams,homework, etc.)  being corrupted. These values were
entered in a simple window,full of edit fields, acting as a dialog.  Two
simple routines loaded previous data when window was opened, read in new
data into arrays when window was closed.  Super simple. 

Now the problem, a teacher opens and modifies a classes’ percentages but
the changes are not recorded - usually set back to zero. This happened
on some classes not others.  No crashes or drops into Macbugs

Real weirdness - 
on a hunch I recalled that someone on the staff had brought in the
appearance manager update for system 7.6.1.  We installed it on both my
PB5300, and the school’s 6500 PPC. The program seemed to run fine with
it installed, but I found that my program became stable again when I
removed the control panel and extension.  All the quirky intermittent
edit field and memory errors disappeared. In fact none of the teacher’s
grade files were corrupted?! Much to my amazement. 

My program is simplistic, all data is stored in three large global
arrays which are then read to and from disk as a block. Not pretty, but
fast. No bit twiddling or linked lists allowed. 

Any advice? I have not yet installed 8.x - is this going to be a

Scott Goelzer
Physics Teacher 
Coe-Brown Northwood Academy
Northwood NH 03261