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From: MattBeedle@...
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:08:53 EST
Hi there everyone,
well after a blessing from STAZ I removed Apple's File Manager, re-installed
FutureBASIC and recompiled my codes and everything works fine. So I am beyond
happy. Thankyou all, gee now I'm worried about Mac OS X....

> This whole thread got started when Matt Beedle asked anyone running OS 8.5
>  to check out his source code to try to help determine what was going wrong.
>  I did just that. In debugging his code I found that when he used LOF on a
>  file to determine the size of a picture that he wanted to place in a handle
>  the function returned the value 4. This was clearly a bad value and trouble
>  insued because of the "large" number that resulted when 256 was subtracted
>  from 4.