[futurebasic] re: Tips on porting to PC?

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 13:27:49 EST
george said:
>   In fact, Pascal constantly makes me go back and 
>   improve FB structures 
>   when it does not really work quite the same in Windows.  
>   I find each port a learing point in each language.  
>   You may find some interestng problems in the Mac side code 
>   by the time you are done porting.

that brings up the question i was just wondering:

how is the back-translation from delphi to futurebasic?

the current version of my biggest program is spaghetti city,
so one of the next steps is to do a complete re-write, 
perhaps from scratch (albeit using the old program for "parts").

if i re-wrote it in the _process_ of porting it, it seems that i might
be saving myself some work by combining the re-write and the port.

and if i could then port the  rewritten delphi code back to f.b.
_easily_, that would sweeten the deal even more.

or would this approach simply 
compound my difficulty-factor?