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From: GBeckman@...
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 20:58:14 EST
In a message dated 1/8/99 5:39:23 PM, villager@... writes:

>only thing I'll miss is FB's autoindent as now I spend a lot of time
>moving the cursor around and inserting spaces.

You are correct about this.  I, by falling back on my Kyan Pascal for the //e
days, am pretty used to having to hit the space bar to set the new indent.  It
is the "when to quit indenting" problem that bothers me.  I have developed
this technique, which is not real heavy, but has helped me use the FB
structures and figure out where things should quit indenting at the bottom of
a structure:

LOCAL FN ReEnrollStudents                         'for changing quarters
  FOR x=1 TO gNumberOfStudents
    IF gDailyEntry%(x,gmyRecNumber,19)<>_NotEnrolled THEN
  NEXT x

  Translating and {rem-ing} the FB extra syntax into the code something like

Procedure ReEnrollStudents        {for changing quarters}
x: smallInt;
  FOR x:=1 TO gNumberOfStudents do
    IF gDailyEntry[x,gmyRecNumber,19]<>_NotEnrolled THEN
    end;  {NEXT x}
END;   { FN  }

Please don't beat me up if the Pascal does not actually work, I am just giving
a few seconds translation time to this in e-mail but thought the {next x} idea
worth mentioning as it has helped me debug and compare the two languages, and
keep margins more organized.

Hope this helps.  (you won't be sorry you went with Delphi.  *smile*}