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From: Chris Henkel <chatworks@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:01:11 +0100
>Instead, a better option would be to use a service such as 'ipmasq' under
>Linux or SurfDoubler (from Connectix) on the MacOS. These programs let

Here I use the Vicom Internet Gateway with great success. I have a three
Client license installed. As I can configure how long a client occupies its
'slot' as 'Internet Client' I have not yet run into any problems with
sharing one account between five to eight Mac-Workstations, as the license
only 'limits' the external connections from inhouse clients. Inbound
traffic and plain inhouse traffic are not accounted against the license.

This software also allows you to route traffic to one IP-Number to
different adresses.

In case you plan a setup with one dynamic (better a fixed IP as I read that
ML.ORG shut down its domain-name-service) account and multiple
clients/servers inhouse you should definitely look at the Vicom Gate. It is
easy to set up and maintain  and more powerful in one application as a
dozen on a Linux Server/Router/Firewall/DHCP-whatever-machine.

>server. Last I heard, @Home's basic $40/month service plan specifically
>prohibited you from running a server. I've heard of companies who ran

I heard similar rumors: that you are not allowed to use software like
Surfdoubler or the Vicom-Gate with these accounts...

As for the server-software: I would opt for a FirstClass
Intranet-Server...but then: it is very very very expensive - if you dont
own one already :o)


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