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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 21:20:12 +0100
Hello everyone,

First thanks to all who have responded to our recent request.
Here is the list I have collected that I'm going to burn very soon on CD to
give to the journalist of Univers MacWorld.
The final choice will be up to him.
For those who are in late, you have a little more time (let's say 15 hours to
fix a limit) to send something at pixmix@... or give a useful URL.

I - Folder: overview of the language (with source code)
    a) Un jeu simple from Staz (A Simple Game translated for French)
    b) Draw project from Staz (translated for French)
    c) SIRTET from Jonathan MUNN (a DA game translated for French)
    e) Quarto! from Alan WEISS (game)

II - Folder: demos  (commercial apps)
     a) Classroom Publisher from Stazsoftware
     b) Scorpion BarCode from Scorpion Research
     c) Radar from Hawk Software

III - Folder: Sharewares
     a) BulkRate from Greg NEAGLE
     b) RGB III from Warren FURMAN
     c) Tab'n Dex from Sequoia Software
     e) slideBox from Jonathan MUNN

IV - Folder: Freewares
     a) RChess from Robert PURVES
     b) Flying Brain from Bill MICHAEL
     c) Mr. Hex from Bill MICHAEL
     d) Statgames from Gary SMITH
     e) Numérologie
     f) CurseurCouleur XCMD
     g) Yi-King
     h) MagicHours

If someone notices anything wrong with this list, please let me know as soon
as possible.

Once again thank you all.