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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 17:13:45 EST
Dear Prayer Friends,

    I'm pasting below an e mail I received from Joyce Schaller, mother to 
Artur (adopted from Russia a few years back).  Please read and pray.  A child's 
destiny is at stake again, and our prayers can change this boy's life.

Alexeii Lusmanschii is a Moldovan orphan who was hosted by a family that has 
a set of biological triplets, and a 16 year old son. When Alexeii arrived in 
September, they were only hosting him, because God had already blessed them so 
much with children. However, within a day, the whole family was smitten. In 
fact, Kelly, (the host mother) told me that one of the little triplets asked her 
in the morning of the second day if it was ok for her to love Alexeii. When 
her mother replied, "Of course, Honey" the little girl replied, "Good because I 
do already!" Not a day goes by that they don't think about him and so they 
have recently decided to bring him home. Toward that end, Kelly has taken a job 
as a receptionist to earn money towards the expenses of bringing him home. In 
fact, my high school students have already pledged 1000 to Alexeii. This money 
is going to be used by his family to do their homestudy. However, between the 
demands of their 4 children, they are having a hard time putting together the 
other funds they will need. I have prayed that the 1000 that my students 
raised, by babysitting, "give a dollar help a child" campaign, letters to 
businesses, etc and making/delivering fruitbaskets at Christmas time will be 
multiplied for them. Can you please pray for them that God will support their efforts 
to bring Alexeii home? When his birthday comes on January 25th that will mean 
that they have exactly one year to bring him home, because OUR government does 
not allow a child to be adopted once they turn 16 unless they are adopted with 
younger siblings. Alexeii is completely alone, his parents are dead, and he 
has no siblings. So, time is of the essence for this family!
Thank you.
Joyce Schaller
If anyone wants to help them directly, there address is below: 
Mike and Kelly Carder
4 Bellamy Lane
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406 or 
any donation can be sent to Stafford High School, Interact c/o Joyce Schaller 
(please put Alexeii's name in the memo section of any check so we can 
designate the money for him)
33 Stafford Indian Lane
Falmouth, VA 22405

    Thank you for praying,

    Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
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