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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 02:24:29 EST
Dear Prayer Friends,

        I have much to say in the future about what God is doing, and where 
He has placed us to advance His Kingdom and touch hearts for missions and 
suffering children.  God has unexpectedly and ingeniously placed us in S. 
California, and my husband will be teaching Cross-cultural Missions and ministering to 
600 students, doing various ministries and preaching at different churches; 
and I will be teaching a class called Mercy Missions.  This class provides an 
awesome opportunity to train people to minister to needy children. (In fact, 
I'll be taking the students to minister in various places including Mexico at a 
future time).   But, as there are some timely, urgent things to pray about, I'm 
not going to say much more on this for now.

DC strategic meetings
        My husband and I have been invited to DC next week for the 
Presidential Prayer Breakfast and several other meetings with the Diplomatic Corps.  
Please pray for that time:  that we would be a light and minister Christ's life 
all around us. Pray for our health and strength during that week, and for our 
son staying back in S. California for school (we'll be seeing our daughter, 
thank God).
        Pray for contacts during that week that would make a difference for 
the children.  Pray God would literally put us with the right people for this 
purpose. Pray that every minute of our week in DC would be redemptive, for 
souls to be saved, and for key contacts to truly help children on a MUCH LARGER 

    Pray for God to provide all we need to expand O.F.  He has put us in a 
strategic place where many people could pray, give and go -- so that orphans can 
live.  But I'm frustrated by the never-ending work load, and the absence of 
material or gifted people to make us go further faster.  We urgently need a 
GRAPHIST who would work freely and alongside me, as well as all other MEDIA 
gifted people.  We need highly professional DVDs, CDs, and especially new brochures 
and flyers.  This takes the right heart and the right gifts in the right 
place with the right amount of time to give.
    Pray for my secretary Pam in Baltimore, working so much, and for all the 
other volunteer workers allowing Orphans First to function.
    Pray for those working in France for "Sauver les Enfants" (French branch 
of O.F.): particularly Isabelle, Brijite and Rosita. (Isabelle is the new 
accountant, thanks to your prayers).
    Pray we can expand and restructure Orphans First to truly accomodate 
growth and faciltate reaching more----many more---childen.

    Pray for a boy called Joseph -- apparently victim of great injustice.  
Please pray for God to rectify His situation, and work a miracle of mercy on his 
    Continue praying for our son (begins new High School next week), and for 
our youth back in France.

    Continue praying for Christians to adopt and foster, and for God to make 
this an easier process for those whose hearts are right.  Pray for the 
children in the process of being adopted presently.  Pray for Joyce Schaller and her 
work with adoptions.

    Continue praying for our orphanages in India, several countries in 
Africa, Poland, and those we work in throughout Russia, and other parts of Europe, 
and our beloved street children with Eda in Albania.  Pray we reach more needy 

Thank you for praying,

Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
E mail: Janey@...
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