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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 19:00:35 EST
Dear Prayer Friends,

    Thank you for praying for our 4 intensive days at the PRESIDENTIAL PRAYER 
BREAKFAST,  with all the accompanying lunches, dinners, meetings etc.  Your 
prayers were sensed and we found ourselves caught up in a historic event where 
Christ was totally honored.  This was the first time out of 52 years of this 
event where guests from Israel came.  Furthermore, each speaker clearly lifted 
up the name of Jesus.  It was awesome.  

    We met many strategic people such as ambassadors, governors of states, 
congressmen, senators, lawyers, government officials, and singers (Wintney 
Phipps for example, also works with needy children, and we connected with him about 
Orphans First).  Please pray that God would allow us to network with these 
different contacts to really advance our work helping suffering children 
everywhere.  Sometimes it takes just one leader to free a nation of kids, or 
enslaved, underprivileged people.  May God allow us to network with those who would 
embrace this kind of challenge to help children.

    As God allows us to reach "some" children, and to see their lives 
transformed through His love and teaching, let us be mindful there are literally 
thousands more with no-one reaching them.  Children suffer every day with severe 
hopelessness, hunger, depression, dispair, fear, pains and wounds, 
abandonnement, lack of self worth, loneliness, addictions, and broken dreams.  Please pray 
for the children.  Pray for God to SEND FORTH GODLY LABORERS to love them in 
His stead.  Pray for governments to allow the creation of Christian orphanages 
and to facilitate adoptions.  Pray for God to take children Home to Heaven 
more quickly and totally painlessly.

    Pray for Steve & Liz and their four children as they are in the process 
of adopting an Indian girl.  Pray this adoption happens quickly, without 
hindrances and that God would choose the child He wants to be in their family.
    Pray for Christian couples adopting everywhere, and for Christian foster 
families.  May God raise up many more.

NEEDY CHILDREN in difficult situation
    Please pray for four needy children whose parents have suffered intense 
injustice and persecution. Although the children are unaware of all their 
parents have been through, they are now in an unpleasant situation, being forced to 
live in a place they don't want to be and not being allowed to live where 
they should and where they want to live.  This family has been deprived of 
certain rights, and are prisonners to a corrupt system.  (Confidentiality forbids me 
to say more at this point).  Please pray for God to work a miracle for this 
family.  The key may well lie within the hands of some of the people we met 
this week.  Pray that a key leader would intervene on their behalf so that these 
children could grow up in better cultural and Christian surroundings (to 
protect them from worse pain).

    In moving to California, not only are we are still without a "home" as 
such, but we're lacking many of the things that make ministry function properly. 
Although I hate mentioning "structure" and "administration", these areas 
desperately need help if we are to reach more children and expand Orphans First.  
Please pray for a graphist, for media experts, and for more like-minded, 
godly, Bible-school trained workers on the field to reach the children throughout 
the world.  Pray for the many elements we need to make expansion possible.  
Again, the emphasis is not on Orphans First as such, but on the lives of children 
we could be reaching.  

    Pray also for continued blessings on all our orphanages and street 
children's works in: India, Africa, Europe.  Pray for an upcoming trip to Mexico 
where we hope to expand also.
Pray we can have an orphanage in both St.Pete, Florida and also in St.Pete, 

    Please continue praying for the French branch of Orphans First (Sauver 
les Enfants:) and for those running it.  Pray also for our church and 
Theological Institute there (founded by my husband) which has suffered various attacks 
for several years.  After serving Christ for  22 in this dark country that we 
love so dearly, we've learned one thing:  the devil refuses to let go, and and 
continues attacking to get back the territory that he believes belongs to him. 
 He has set strongholds to cause people to turn away from Christ through the 
deception of atheism or Islam.  Since the time of Louis 14th, he has 
established a hidden network in the demonic realm which is seen in the following 
attitudes:  rebellion and anti-authority spirits, rationalism (Reason was deified in 
the 18th century), pride, arrogance and self-righteousness.  These are the 
spirits you fight when you try to reach France with the Gospel.  And as with 
most spiritual fortresses, the same spirits try to creep into our Christianity. 
    Please pray for our church in France during this transition period while 
we are stateside. Continue praying for our precious young people there: that 
God would raise up more pastors to work with the youth. Pray for the 
establishment of an International Christian School (and for those working on this 
project).  Pray for the leaders my husband raised up to cover this work during his 
absence.  Pray against deception, pride, arrogance and all that would hinder 
the work of God from continuing.  Pray for souls.  Pray for the many suffering 
children in France, and throughout Europe.  

Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
E mail: Janey@...
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