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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 23:43:16 EST
Dear Prayer Partners,

    God is answering our prayers to reach more children.  We still need to 
pray for a miraculous provision to meet these needs.  I still need a 
professional graphic artist to help me create new posters, and brochures in order to 
raise more money.  And I still need to get more brochures out into churches and 
public places.  Please pray for that.  And pray for my MERCY MISSIONS class --- 
for God to use this to mentor future workers for the field of needy children.  
Meanwhile, pray also for the following needs for the street children.

    The following heartwrenching testimony is from KAZAN, from Nastya (now in 
Minsk, Belarus  re. Street kids.
    "Thank you for encouraging me to arrange these 2 projects in Kazan. All 
in all we have covered appr. 130-150 kids.
The most amazing testimony is as follows:
    A 15-year old guy (his name is Kirill, he is in the picture I sent to 
you) said that as he grows up, he would like to arrange a cafe for the poor, 
because this is what we do to them.
In the beginning it was very difficult to deal with Kirill. His brain seemed 
to be penetrated and filled with glue, yet he was always faithfull to come 
over. He is one of those who stay in the street all the time. He raised some kind 
of rebellion among the other kids, so no one would come to get meal from us. 
But we contunied to love him. One day I even managed to deliver him from 
police. All that helped us to get his heart and he started to look at us with very 
attentive eyes. He is very precious. I always remember about the kids, and 
pray for them.
    In Kazan we have a team that continues to deal with kids. I am in Minsk 
now by God's will, and I hope that God will give me more kids to give love to."

    Following that, Irina wrote also regarding the needs of the street 
children in KAZAN.  Please read and pray as we seek solutions for these children.  
Pray for: finances, for a structure to feed and house them, for God to guide us 
and lead us as to how to help them, for more loving helpers.  In Irina's own 
words re. Kazan.
"1. You may remember Nastya telling you about the three teen girls from 
alcoholic families. The church provides for them. We found an apartment for them, 
purchase food.
Two of them have been raped, and thus, got HIV.
One of them has got big headaches. She went to see a doctor, and the doctor 
said there is something wrong with her brain. We need to have it checked. Yet 
at present the church cannot afford it, since they rent apartments for 
ex-prisoners, etc. If you can, please, help. Their picture is attached.

2. Kids in the orphanage where we arranged a Christmas play. The kids 
remember it very well. We go there every Friday. We got to know several girls and 
they now have a few pen-friends from Belarus. Many of them do not have parents at 
all, unlike kids in Minsk. It’s amazing to see their response. One of the 
girls recently somehow acquired a Bible, and hides it away from others. Her name 
is Oksana, she has no parents, just one brother.

3. As to the street kids, it is very serious. We need to consider what can be 
offered to them. How can we help? We cannot rent an apartment for them, - 
this is impossible from the standpoint of authorities. We can provide food, but 
something else is needed. I know you have a lot of experience in dealing with 
this kind of kids. Do you have any ideas how we can help them? "

    Eda and Dori are doing an amazing work with the street children.  Last 
week, they had 65 kids at their club.  Please pray for the children living under 
the bridge, for;  Xhilda, Genti, Berti, Fardanes, Moza, Dorina, Daniela, 
Fatjon. Pray also for Anila (4-years-old). Her mother begs  outside and the little 
girl is freezing, often falling asleep tembling.  
Pray for Sonila (10-years-old), living in the street, apparently without 
parents.  Pray for God to protect her.  Pray for a structure for us to receive and 
house these children permanently.
Pray for Eugland 7-years-old, who has a burned arm.  Pray for him Qibarie 
(4-years-old).  He needs glasses so pray we can get them for him quickly (we're 
sending money for that).

    Pray for Xhiku who has not been seen around again recently.  Pray for God 
to really allow us to have a home for all these children --- and many more.

    Continue praying for all our other orphanages, street children's works 
etc.  And continue praying for a future work in MEXICO.  Pray for our orphans in 
POLAND, and for future works in UKRAINE, and for continuing work in RUSSIA.  
Pray for some new children we've taken on to support in GHANA, and for 
expansion of our orphanage in B. FASO.  

    Continue praying for our suffering children's work in France, also for 
our church there (and daughter churches), for oneness, for God's Spirit to 
reign, for a Christian High School (International), for hindering spirits or 
negativity to be swept away so that God's work would continue in the same way it 
began --- with a burning vision to see souls saved, and disciples raised up.  
Continue praying for the youth.  And pray for our upcoming trip to visit our 
church in France this Spring.  

    Many of you may not know that you've prayed many times for our 
16-year-old son.  He is one of the reasons we're spending this season in America -- for 
his schooling.  God is doing a miracle in his life and he's "getting into 
God".  Thank you for praying.  We pray also for our daughter, for guidance for her 

Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
E mail: Janey@...
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Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
E mail: Janey@...
Subscribe to the weekly prayer chain: