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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 12:36:04 EDT
Dear Praying Friends,

    Below is an update on prayer needs regarding:  orphans in Russia 
(adoptions); orphans leaving the orphanages in Kazakstan for whom we've provided 
clothes; the upcoming WorldWide Day of Prayer for Children at Risk; travel needs.

First, Joyce Schaller's "very big happy news" re. adoption program for 
Russian orphans:
"11 orphans from Russia are coming to USA for Family Hope in July! Keep 
praying that all the children find families! I do have them all hosted;

Remember that little girl, Sonia? She was the one at the farewell tea party 
that as she cried and hugged Artur, she removed her pony tail holder and put it 
on his wrist (he wore it until it disintegrated!) well, she has a family now 
too that is in the process of adopting her! A REAL BIG MIRACLE! 

Artur's friend, NIkita, (a boy he clowned around with regularly in school) is 
coming home on June 5 and we are picking them up at the airport!!!! He will 
live just a few blocks from us and oh-it is just so amazing! He cannot wait! 
And to be honest neither can I. His adoptive mother left this morning for St 
Petersburg (He is being adopted by a single mom). 

Those Moldovan adoptions are moving forward too! ;) Let's pray they'll be 
home at the end of the summer, early fall!

You know, it seems so amazing to me---and I have always believed in God, but 
just thinking about all the many Miracles he has allowed me to see since 
bringing Artur home, well, I stand humbled and in awe. Hugs, Joyce"

News re. the money we sent to help orphans in KAZAKHSTAN.

We took the first two girls shopping yesterday. Soule, which means sunrise, 
is 15 years old she has a cleft pallet and was very shy. She had on a pair of 
sweat pants and two shirts and a windbreaker on a 75 degree day. When she tried 
on her new shoes, her socks were rags and her feet were filthy. I quickly 
bought a pair of new socks for her to put on before she tried on the shoes. 
Fortunately, the people in the shop were very understanding and even gave us a 
discount on the shoes! We bought her a pair of black slacks, and a black and white 
summer sweater, the new shoes and undergarments including 3 pairs of new 
socks! When she tried everything on together, she looked like a new person. 
The other girl is Raushan, which means wild rose. She seems bright and told 
us that she is saved. She also said that math is her favorite school subject. I 
asked about what she will do after graduation and she said she is enrolled in 
a sewing school. I asked if she had considered university and she said she 
was never given a choice, she has just been told that she will go to the trade 
school. Soule is going to the same school. When I asked if the school has 
dorms, they said they didn't know. 
Janey, both of these girls are 15 years old, in two weeks they will leave the 
orphanage and they don't even know where they are going. I will keep asking 
questions and trying to find out what is really happening with these kids.
Raushan picked out a nice skirt and knit top. We also got her shoes and 
undergarments. I got pictures of both girls.  Please pray for the project here as 
we do our best to bless these 40 kids with the love of God. Thank you for 
making it possible.
In Him,  Pam"

Travel & Personal
    Tomorrow my husband, my son, and I will travel to Baltimore for our 
daughter's graduation.  Pray for places on the plane (this part of our trip is 
standby).  Our son will take his driving license test (PRAY).  Pray for fruitful 
contacts as we are in the Baltimore/DC area --- that our time would be fruitful 
for our family, Orphans First, and our work in France. 
    Then next week, our travel splits 3 ways.  I will head for Chicago for 
the Write-to-Publish Conference.  Pray for God to use every moment for His 
purpose---especially for the furtherence of His Kingdom, and the deliverance of 
suffering children.  My husband will travel to France. Having been gone for six 
months, there are many things needed to be worked out. Pray that God will use 
his time as a rich blessing to our church. Our son will travel back to CA.  
Pray that his week apart from us would go well (there will be a Christian guy 
staying with him), especially that he'd get to school on time, and be responsible 
in every area, and have good fellowship.  

ORPHANS FIRST flyers, brochures, logo
    Please pray for God's blessing on a new flyer I'm working on, and a new 
brochure for the future, and a new logo.  Pray for these things to finally come 
together, and for a DVD to be made in the future so that O.F. can expand its 

From Viva re. World Wide Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

"It's only 12 days till the World Wide Day of Prayer for Children at Risk,
which will take place on Saturday 5th June… it's been exciting to see more
and more prayer events registered on the website, and to know that
thousands of people will be joining together across the globe to pray for
children on that day!

In the last couple of weeks, we've heard that there will be prayer events
in 26 dioceses in India; a prayer gathering in Port Moresby, Papua New
Guinea, organised by the Salvation Army; a city-wide event in Ensenada,
Mexico; and many many more… see www.viva.org/wwdp for details of what's
going on in your region. 

There's still time to let your church know about the World Wide Day of
Prayer… to get together friends to pray on 5th June… to register events you
are planning on the website… and to pray!  
Remember that prayer packs can be downloaded from Viva Network's website in
12 languages, along with information about children at risk and stories of
previous World Wide Day of Prayer events to inspire you…

Please join us in praying that  "your kingdom come, your will be done" in
the lives of the millions of children in need around the world on Saturday
5th June!    Viva Network:   http://www.viva.org/"

Thank you for praying,
Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
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