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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 18:11:27 EDT
Orphans First Prayer Requests & Update – June 16th, 2004

Travels and O.F. related trips.
Thanks for your prayers for our recent trip.  It went well.  Our daughter 
graduated from Bible College, our son got his driver's license, and survived our 
absence (whew!).  Next, the Write-to-Publish conference was awesome and 
fruitful.  My husband's trip to France was also fruitful. There were tears and joy.  
Many rejoiced to have their pastor with them again, and look forward to our 
being there this summer.  Others wept, and need special prayer because of 
things that have taken place during our absence.  Continue praying also for the 
sale of our Bible College property and future move to Montpellier. Pray for a 
buyer.  Pray for the beloved sheep, for the new school to open this Fall,  and 
for the leaders continuing the vision and bearing the torch---particularly 
Pastor Mégret.

Upcoming Travels & Important Events
    Some challenging decisions lie before me, and I really need to know God’s 
will.  I've been invited to “The National ADOPTION and FOSTER CARE 
RECRUITMENT SUMMIT” in Washington, DC on July 15th-17th with KEY leaders, including 
famous singer Steven Curtis Chapman and some government officials.  The invitation 
is free but the plane ticket is my responsibility.  Pray that this will come 
together if I’m to be at this two-day conference.  
Then my Mom, in England, turns 70 this year, and my brother from Australia is 
going to surprise her with a party early July, joining my other brother and 
sister. I’d like to attend, and need to know how this fits in (or should I just 
see my Mom when I go to Europe later in July, even though my brother will be 
gone by then?)  Then, there are the weddings and Summer Theological Institute 
courses in France late July where we are expected to teach.  Not to mention 
the Convention in Baltimore next week, where I'm scheduled to present O.F. on 
Monday.  Meanwhile, my son is still in school here, and I have impending WRITING 
deadlines for important projects.  There’s also talk about moving us 
(finally) from the dorm room into a tiny apartment next week. 

            I CANNOT POSSIBLY do all these things.  I need to hear God's 
voice, and see His provision, (including traveling expenses, and someone to be my 
son.)  (My husband is already caught up in his schedule for Baltimore, DC, 
France & Italy).
    Now for news regarding the precious children God has entrusted us.

            Here are recent prayer needs quoted by P. Samuel: “Our God is 
helping us in this summer. The present temperature is 42 - 45 C. We expect early 
monsoons.  I would like to request you raising support to child from $20 to 
$23 (or$25). The dollar value has gone down about 10% and the prices are up. We 
thank God for His grace to meet all the children’s needs. Also when we need to 
send the children to further studies after 10th grade to 11th and 12th (to 
keep them till 18th age) we need more support for them.”  
            Please pray we can raise support for these needs by raising the 
basic sponsorship money (hoping sponsors can do this), and by God supplying 
more sponsors. 
            I finally have help making a new brochure (although none of us 
are pro with graphics).  Pray it comes together, and looks appealing to attract 
more sponsors.  We are also paying $250 (special reduced price) for a somewhat 
pro O.F. DVD with hopes of having it ready for the Missions Conference next 
week.  Pray for that.  

            Pray for a new work beginning in Bulgaria among orphans in 
impoverished state orphanages.  The pictures of these children are deeply moving.  

            The special outreach to 100 street children went well and has 
opened doors for further investments in these kids.  Pray this work continues.

            From Joyce Schaller re. upcoming potential adoptions with 
visiting kids: "Well, I suppose I spoke too soon about all my children being placed 
for the Family Hope Program this summer. I have still to place the 10-year-old 
twin girls: Regina and Renata, as well as an 11-year-old boy, Vladmir (he has 
a 1000 watt smile!). Without hosting families the children could lose forever 
this one chance of finding a family!"
            As we pray these needs, please continue praying that I would make 
it to the SPECIAL ADOPTION EVENT in DC in July if this is God’s will.  If God 
is in this, my being there could change children’s lives.  (Only He can make 
it all fit in a very challenging schedule this summer).
Blessings, and forever gratitude,
Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST; freelance writer.
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
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