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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 14:11:45 EDT
Orphans First Prayer Requests July 9th,  2004
    Thank you for taking time to pray--especially in a  world where time is 
stolen by our over-busy lives.  Thank you.  Your  prayers change the lives of 
hurting children.
God is increasingly  involving me in adoptions although we''re not an 
adoption  agency.  I was recently contacted by Frontiers for Children, who  work a 
program similar to the hosting parent program of Joyce Schaller (see  article 
(http://www.freelancestar.com/News/FLS/2004/062004/06232004/1406660) ).      Pray  for 
11-year-old LAURIS, a wonderful Russian boy, who is the only one on this  
program. without a hosting family to receive him this summer.  Pray  for God to 
raise up a family for Lauris. 
Pray for  Orphans First to somehow complement these programs.  Pray for 
children to  be adopted, for Christians to adopt, for the details of Christian 
adoptions to  work out.   
As  we condiser Christian adoptions and foster parenting, please  condinue 
praying for next weeks event in DC where I have been asked to be a  delegate 
with key leaders: 
Continue praying this summit would change children's lives, and for  the 
details such as networking, travel (we go standby, again), and for our  son to be 
spiritually convered during our absence.   
Continue praying for the brochure which is still in the makings,  and the 
editing of the new DVD to  increase awareness of the children’s needs allowing  
O.F. to expand. 
Pray for a solution to accomodate growth, whereby we could have  a separate 
office, and pay staff-members. (We presently share a missions  office, and work 
with volunteers, God bless them ).   
Pray for the new  work with street children in Moscow.  Pray for a new 
contact I have  made with Hopeches -- that we could better reach the orphans in  
Continue praying  for ALL our children's homes, and street children’s 
ministries throughout the  world.  Pray for our children in  Ghana, Africa (one of 
our sponsors  is visiting those children), for  the orphanage in Burkina  Faso, 
Africa, and for Grace Home,  India. 
You  have faithfully prayed for our work in France, including the churches we 
 planted during our 22 years there and the Bible college & school.  Many  
cannot comprehend how subtle the devil's strategy has been to divide and  destroy 
everything God has built,  including our school.  Please  continue praying:  
that our property would sell, enabling the move to  Montpellier; for the 
establishement (and needed buildings) for the International  School; for the 
transition of the Theological Insitute; for the innocent souls  who are suffering 
since we left for this season.  Pray also for those  running the French branch 
of O.F. -- Brijite, Isabelle, Dominique, Rosita,  Gilbert.  Pray especially for 
Isabelle at this time.  Pray for those  continuing the vision:  Pastors 
Jean-Luc Megret, Dominique, Yohann,  Christian.  May God honor them in their 
service, their humility and  adherence to biblical principles.  May He provide 
abundantly for each one,  meeting their needs as they serve Him. Pray specifically 
for finances -- and for  God to raise up a buyer for our property, at a decent 
Pray  also for our upcoming trip to France in a few weeks.   
    We (finally) move to an appartment this  weekend.  Pray that we could 
quickly set up a system to function  normally.  GREATEST NEED = access to e-mail. 
 Pray we can set up a  phone line fast, and for each element needed for that 
to fall in place.
    Thanks for praying for all the details for next  week's travels to DC, & 
for our son.  Pray also for somewhere for  us to stay for the summit in DC and 
also for our visit to  Baltimore.
Forever grateful on behalf of the many children your prayers are  helping,
Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder  of ORPHANS  FIRST
; freelance writer.
Website: _http://www.orphansfirst.org/_ (http://www.orphansfirst.org/) 
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