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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 14:18:25 EDT
Dear Prayer Friends,
    This story is so SAD, so DEVASTATING, and so  URGENT.  Please, please, 
please PRAY with me that God provides a family for  Nikita.  Imagine the 
repercussions of such continued rejection, such hope  deferred, and such dispair.  
Let our prayers go up for Nikita.
Nikita was taken from his mother temporarily because she really could not  
take care of him, but every once in a while he would be able to visit her and he 
 had hopes that she would take him back forever, but this never happened and 
he  was very devestated by this. 
But, then shortly after his mother had her rights permenantly terminated a  
Russian couple who had recently lost their daughter, decided to become his  
guardians. So, for 6 months they had Nikita in their home. They enrolled him in  
every conceivable activity because they wanted him to be THE BEST at 
everything.  He tried very hard to live up to their expectations-they had him in 
everything  from piano to Judo lessons-but in the end he was overwhelmed and they 
brought  him back to orphanage 46. 
When my friend Susan went to 46 to complete her adoption of another boy  also 
named Nikita, my son's good friend, she noticed that he just seemed like a  
broken boy. It was her use of the word "broken" that really struck me about 
him.  He is a very big boy for his age, and my husband says he has a very honest 
face  from his photo. Susan's son says that he was a good friend, but that he 
believes  no one wants him, and he just doesn't understand. Nikita himself 
feels that he  would be a good son. 
I would recommend that any couple who thinks they could be the family he  
thinks he will never have to contact me or even to speak with the Picerne's who  
adopted their son Andrei when he was 14. I am confident that Nikita Yukashev  
will be a good son for a family that is ready to help him to trust that they  
will not abandon him, as he has struck out twice already. Hopefully, the 3rd 
try  will be the charm!

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