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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 02:50:06 EDT
Prayer Friends,
    The following children and situations need  prayer.  Thanks for just 
doing it.
*     13-year-old Nikita still needs a home  desperately.  He has been 
rejected twice--once by his mother, and once by a  couple in Russia who kept him for 
6 months, and brought him back to the  orphanage when he didn't excell in all 
the sports programs. All his friends have  been adopted.  His heart is torn 
apart, and hope is dwindling, and time is  running faster than his hope.  Pray 
God gives him a godly family  SOON!
*     Also in St.Pete, Russia, Regina and Renata  (10 years old) were 
supposed to have been adopted by a U.S. family who hosted  them this summer.  They 
already have two biological girls who love the  twins and were thrilled by the 
adoption plan.  But then something dramatic  happened which has changed the 
whole thing, and the family is no longer  adopting, leaving the girls also 
homeless.  Please pray for these  twins--that they too would find a godly home.
*    My husband just left for France for a week or  so.  Please pray for his 
time there, for the situation in France, for souls  etc.  Pray for us staying 
here as warfare always steps up when Louis is  gone.
*    I can finally access e-mail from  home.  Thanks for praying for that.  
And thanks for continuing to pray  for all the other details, and structural 
problems for Orphans First since I  moved to S. Cal.
Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder  of ORPHANS  FIRST
; freelance writer.
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