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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 02:49:06 EST
Orphans First Prayer  Requests & Praise Reports – 3.31.05 
He is  Risen!  And some of the phenomenal  answers to pray I’ll be sharing 
below are proof of it.  Be encouraged as you read how God is  hearing your 
prayers.  And thank you  for taking to heart each prayer request shared here. 
                                                            Joyce Schaller 
(who adopted Artur), tells me several older Russian  children have been adopted. 
There is also a couple in Texas that is adopting two teens from Kazakhstan.  
They could really use some help. Pray  for them and their finances. 
Joyce  shares:  “BIG news--Do you remember  the story of a girl named Sonia? 
She  was in Artur's group and was 9 years old when we adopted him. At his 
farewell  tea party she took the ponytail holder from her hair and put it on his 
wrist as  she cried. Artur wore it on his wrist until it disintegrated. We were 
so moved  by her that we inquired as to whether or not she was available, but 
sadly, her  mother had a mental breakdown and the court process to determine 
her mother to  be unfit did not happen until just recently! The happy news 
here however, is  that the court hearing was supposed to happen last spring, and 
in anticipation  of that I wrote a little article about her for the Front 
Porch*, and the same  day it was published a family came forward! Now, after much 
waiting they will go  on April 26 to meet her! And they should have court in 
Aug/Sept if not sooner. I  am so glad. I have thought of her for all these 
years and worried so much about  what would happen to her; she is so very, very 
beautiful.” - Joyce  Schaller 
*I have also  written an article on Nikita for the  “Front Porch” in the 
Fredericksburg newspaper which will be out in  April.  Please pray God will use  
this and that someone would adopt Nikita before it’s too late (he only has 
just  over a year left before he’s too old to be adopted). 
More  Adoption news:                                                          
                                                         Two  Russian 
children are being adopted  by the Pekareks who wrote the following:  “…part of our 
long term vision is to work directly with Russian orphan  graduates.  We are 
entering our training phase for this vision. Two  specific prayer requests:
1) We begin our first Bible School class here at Richland Center  Fellowship 
4/10/2005.  It will be Fall 2004 ABD.  I am the  director.  And I will be 
to Russia for the  adoption.  Pray for the students who will be taking the 
and also  for a backup administrator that has the same heartbeat for the class
during  the period while I am gone (approx. 4 class sessions).
2) When we go to  Russia, we intend to leave our  biological children 
stateside at
our home.  Please pray that we can find  the right in-home help to be with 
particularly for the weekdays as we  homeschool them.  We think that we have 
weekends covered.” – the  Pekareks. 
Our  missionary friends in China are adopting baby Tien Ce whose mother is 
dying.  Pray for all the details involved in  this.  (O.F. sponsors have  
contributed to this project). 
Another  couple, the Josephs, are also adopting from Russia  or a surrounding 
country.  Please  pray for those details.   
Pray for  another family in Southern California who’ve been pursuing the 
adoption of Beatrice in Haiti.  Pray that they can finally bring her  home. 
Pray also for  baby Emmy—taken away from her  adoptive fostering parents to 
be given back to a drug-addict biological  mother.  Pray for the adoptive  
The orphanage in Haiti still needs support, and we  still need much wisdom to 
access the situation.  Pray for God’s clear  leading. 
INDIA,  RUSSIA,  POLAND,  AFRICA                                              
                        Continue praying for our orphans in these different 
countries and  continents. 
MOSCOW STREETCHILDREN                                                         
                                                     Please pray for the 
precious Tadzik children living in the streets, &  for Alexandra feeding them.  
Pray we  can provide a home for them.   
                                              Pray for Tien Ce and  the other 
children our friends in China work with.  Pray for the many Chinese orphans 
still  needing to be adopted. Pray for the Yi children and the Christian school 
created  for them.  Pray for God’s guidance  as to how O.F. can best co-labor 
in this project to support many of the  children.   
ORPHANS FIRST  STRUCTURAL DETAILS                                             
                                                             Pray  for Jo 
making the new brochure.  Pray we can also make a final decision  on the logo.  
Pray we hear God’s voice concerning the  new phase Orphans First is entering 
into–growth explosion!—and all that it  entails.  The children we help, by  God’
s grace, depend on these details which form the backbone.  Please also pray 
for the French branch  of Orphans First which is suffering some struggles in 
management since I moved  stateside.                                             
thought:  As we helplessly watch  brain impaired Terri Shiavo starve to death, I’m 
reminded that we’re living in  dark times when life is left to die.  To some it 
is more convenient to NOT FEED a handicapped person rather  than put the 
right elements in place to save her.  How similar this is to the work of  God.  
Some abstain from fighting and  withdraw when troubles arise.  But  God has 
given us LIFE and He asks us to choose life (Deut. 30:19). May we bring  His 
light.  Our prayers do just that  for the lives of the suffering children.   Thank 
you for  praying. 
Thankful to  you for serving Him in prayer, 

Janey L. DeMeo
President/founder of ORPHANS FIRST - freelance  writer
Website: http://www.orphansfirst.org/
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