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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 16:27:28 EST
Orphans First Prayer Requests Nov.29,  2005
Dear Praying Family,
    This is the busiest, most challenging time of  year when we hope to raise 
money for Christmas presents (some of  which include basic necessities such 
as underwear, soap, food etc.) for  suffering children throughout the world.  
COUNTDOWN is on and we  desperately need funds.  Please pray we could meet  the 
requests of each team planning to bring gifts to street children as well as  
those in orphanages, delinquent centers, hospitals and poor families.  
    For example, one church we work with in  Moscow, RUSSIA requires about  
$$6280 (a breakdown of this figure with details is pasted after  the signature 
line and it includes gifts for 600 children in a delinquent  detention 
center).  This does not include Alexandra's ongoing work  with street children church 
in Moscow.  We also hope to help our church  friends in St. Pete, Russia to 
provide gifts for  poor children.

In  Tyumen, SIBERIA we hope to reach 360 orphans  and poor children giving 
each one a gift of approximately $ 5 per  child, requiring the grand total of $ 
1800.   Many of  the children are mentally disabled, and. 50 of them are 
bedridden. All are  desperately poor, and in need of God's love.
    For  Grace Home, in  INDIA, we need $ 10 per child (we have 110  
children) to provide new clothes for Christmas.  
    In  MEXICO, we'd like to supply good DVDs, VIDEOS  & bedding for a 
delinquent center, as well as bring gifts to poor  children.  In California, USA we 
hope  to supply small personal gifts to a local juvenile delinquent center 
where many  of the children are there for lack of foster families and some have 
never had a  Christmas gift (we're talking about the USA folks).
Other  countries we plan to send Christmas gifts include: PERU,  KAZAKHSTAN 
POLAND, HAITI, and some African countries... (we're  still waiting for details 
on these).
    As  well as the Christmas Project, we are challenged to meet the needs of 
 our regular orphanages & children's ministries in  India, Haiti, Russia as 
well as helping adopting families. We're  also praying about partnering with an 
existing and needy Christian  orphanage in THAILAND.  Please  pray for wisdom 
and provision. 
    Continue praying for adopting  families, foster families--for God to 
raise up many more--and  for children needing loving families.
    Pray also for troubled  youths.  We know 5 specific youths who are 
troubled  and turning from truth.  We're also aware of some youths who are troubled  
because their families divorced, or rejected them and who are in precarious  
situations.  (One boy is a Russian orphan).  Please pray for all these  
children (Names withheld by courtesy of their privacy but God knows them).
    Personal--I have  some re-editing to do on my book (as expected) and this 
is my busiest time of  year.  Pray for me.  The book's due out in January.  
Pray I have  strength, time and wisdom for O.F. during this challenging season.
    Thank you for your ongoing labor or love on your  knees,
Janey L.  DeMeo                    

Founder/director of  Orphans First
Website:  _http://www._ (http://www/) _orphansfirst.org_ 
(http://www.orphansfirst.org/)  / E-mail:_  Janey@..._ 
Donations to:
106 South 28th Street 
Tacoma, WA 98402,  USA  

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_http://welovegod.org/groups/orphansfirst/_ (http://welovegod.org/groups/orphansfirst/)  

OF is the only source of  finance for our Christmas Project in Moscow, Russia.
Here is cost:
-  Juvenile Delinquent Center(600 children) - sweets & Christmas gift -  $800
- Orphan-asylum - sweet Christmas gift - $800
- SHC - Toys (stuffed  animals) - $1000
- Orphanage - sweet Christmas gift and wool clothes - $300 +  $2300
- Hospital - Fruits($100), board games, puzzles($100),  
juices($100),ultrasonic inhalers(5 x $80), diapers of big sizes ($150 one month  supply).These are 
all for 40 DYING children who cannot  come out. They also need three wheel 
chairs (3 X 130).
Total =  $6280

I  know it's unrealistic amount, but we will work with whatever  comes.       

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