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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 19:26:15 EST
Dear O.F. Prayer Partners,
Since I'm leaving until Feb. 17th, I just wanted to ask for special prayer  
again for HAITI and  our children there.  We need a  miracle to know how to 
meet their needs.  Pray for one (for example, a good  church in PaP who would 
cover that work spiritually and to whom those running  the orphanage would give 
account).  The children are very, very needy at  this time.  
I met some beautiful adopted children yesterday who we've prayed for many  
times.  A miracle.  May we continue praying for  ADOPTIONS.
Continue praying for our children in Moscow, Grace Home in  India, for 
troubled youths and for a new  work in Delhi, India. Pray also for children in  
Brazil & Thailand and how we can  help.
During my week away, I'll be praying much about O.F. and how to better  reach 
the children during that time.  Meanwhile, I wrote down a few  thoughts that 
come to mind concerning our vision, hopes, goals etc.  I  thought you'd like 
to see them for prayer also :
O.F. is concerned by every suffering child, every type of suffering that  
affects a child, in every country, everywhere, anywhere...  We set no  boundaries 
other that what is imposed by time, money, ability.  
The vision for O.F. is to reach more children, more effectively, working  
hand in hand with more "good" churches.  We hope to get children off the  streets 
and into "homes" of some sort, and to help more people adopt  children.  We 
hope to come alongside those willing to invest time into  helping children.  We 
hope to begin more Christian orphanages and to  improve the ones we already 
have.  (We pray to have a real solution for  Haiti which is a disaster).  
O.F.'s values are purely biblical inasmuch as we hope to bring Christ into  
every aspect of our work and to reveal Him to the children.  We plan,  
therefore, to continue being good stewards of the funds designated to us, to  better 
minister to our sponsors, to have greater accountability systems in place  on 
the field and to continue soliciting prayer from willing prayer  partners.  
Please pray for O.F. & details enabling it to function i.e. that I  could 
access the Internet from home (we moved).  It's been a real problem  (many have 
tried unsuccessfully to get us plugged in).  Internet access is  vital for me 
to run O.F. 
Pray also for my book -- coming out soon -- to touch hearts and help  
parents.  And thank you for continued prayers for our son with YWAM in  Mexico.  May 
God use him to reach many poor, needy people for Jesus --  especially the 
children. (Pray also for our daughter who'll babysit our cats  while we're away -- 
on my.......).  Pray mostly, though, that the  children will be taken care of 
fully and that more children will be  reached.
Thank you for praying.

Janey L.  DeMeo                    

Founder/director of  Orphans First
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