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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 14:16:45 EDT
April 6th, 2006 -- Orphans First Prayer  Requests.
Thank you for your  continued prayers for the suffering children.  I just 
heard from yet  another friend of another teen boy who committed suicide last 
week.   Incredible!!!  He left a pregnant girl behind. 
Troubled  Teens 
As we consider the  gravity of the attacks against today's youth, please 
continue praying for these  teens: Alex, James, B****, C******, R****** and others 
I'm not free to give even  their initials (for their privacy).  We know two 
who are in a difficult  place.  Pray for the teens on the street, or in 
delinquent homes or  abandoned or just caught up in Satan's web. 
Prayer requests  concerning our street children in Moscow: 
-Pray for the team to  be encouraged, and for the demonic attack upon us to 
stop. Pray for Katia,  Lena and Aprik to be saved--and to come out of  
- Pray for Nastia Stepanova's salvation and deliverance. She  used to attend 
our evangelistic projects, pray for her to attend them again.  Pray for Slava 
Shymskoi to find a good job and a place to live. He's a converted  homeless 
- Pray for Adel to have a home and parents. She was given up  by her parents. 
Her father Arnold is from Africa and is on drugs. He told me he can't raise 
the  girl. Adel's Mom is very young and doesn't want the kid. Adel needs 
salvation  and spiritual comforting. 
Continue praying  for Grace Home, for the children's continued health, 
growth,  education. 
We are receiving  calls from Africa to help orphans there again -- 
particularly in Ghana.   Please pray for these children and for fluent e-mail contact so 
we can process  the info. to get help to them fast.  This time we know these 
Adoptions   -- just keep praying for the children to be adopted and for more 
Christians to  adopt and foster.   
I should receive  a copy of my parenting book any day now.  I'll keep you 
posted on how to  order it... Thanks for keeping that book in prayer. 

Thank you for praying for those too vulnerable to pray for  themselves,
Janey L. DeMeo 
Founder/director of Orphans First
Website:  www.orphansfirst.org / E-mail: Janey@... 
Tel: 714-680-9690 

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