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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 20:45:42 EDT
Orphans First Prayer Requests May 23,  2006
Dear faithful prayer friends,
    Thank you for upholding my trip in prayer.  I  just got back from the 
Colorado Christian Writer's Conference where I taught a  wee workshop and also 
represented Orphans First.  It was an awesome time  (thanks so much for 
praying).  God is really touching hearts and  opening them to reach the poor and 
needy.  Some  folks are even considering adoption... I've also come back to a ton 
of  assignments -- all with deadlines yesterday (so it seems). I leave early  
tomorrow morning for Dallas, then Florida where my husband has to do a wedding  
for one of our French disciples (& I have to translate).  I'll be  gone about 
a week.  Then I leave again on June 6th for a week for  Write-to-Publish at 
Wheaton, Chicago area. (I don't know why God does  things this way, but He 
does.) Yikes!  This is a reeaaaaaaaally challenging  season.  Prayers appreciated.
    Meanwhile, please keep praying for the  following:
ADOPTIONS -- Nikita, Sonia,  Alexander, Roman...and others.
ASIA -- Grace Home,  INDIA children and that God would raise up many more  
ministries to help the children of India.
-- For Mink, a 9-year-old deaf girl in Bangkok,  THAILAND.  We hope to 
sponsor her once we get final  details to proceed. Other connections in Thailand...
AFRICA -- P. Emile in  IVORY COAST, and the children there.  
P. Ernest and the children in GHANA.
P. Jean-Sylvestre in GABON who will be visiting  us soon -- that we could 
begin a work with orphans there.
S. Africa, Zimbabwe and many other places where we'd like  to be involved 
with the orphans.
EUROPE -- Moscow,  RUSSIA -- pray for our street children.
France -- pray for our churches there and particularly for the young  people.
HAITI -- sad situation but  let's continue praying for the children -- even 
though the orphanage owners no  longer want our support.
YOUTH -- continue praying for  some troubled youths we work with and know -- 
C------; Alex, James, R------ 

Janey L. DeMeo

Founder/director of Orphans  First
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Tel:  714-680-9690 
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