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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 09:01:14 EDT
Dear Praying Friends,
I'm pasting below the update info. for the World Weekend of Prayer for  
Children at Risk -- June 3rd & 4th -- when churches and people all over the  world 
are encouraged to specifically pray for the needy children. Let's be  praying 
for this event -- that it will change the destiny of millions of  children who 
are victims of this world's cruelty.
World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk   3rd – 4thJune 2006

Current news for  your prayers 
25th May 2006 
Thank you for your prayer for children at risk -  it's only 10 days till the 
World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk and here  is some up to date news 
from UNICEF to help you pray on 3rd and 4th June…
In  addition, remember to look at our website,_www.viva.org/pray_ 
(http://www.viva.org/pray) , for resources in many languages (Bengali, Tamil  and Khmer 
are the most recent additions!).
After the weekend, remember to  fill in and send back your feedback form to 
let us know more about your prayer  event - or respond online at 
_www.viva.org/pray_ (http://www.viva.org/pray)    
Decline in child labour
The number of child labourers has fallen considerably for  the first time, 
according to a new International Labour Organisation report. Some 218 million 
are classified as child  labourers, down 11% from 246 million in 2002. Numbers 
fell the most in Latin  America, but there was little decline in Africa. The 
biggest reduction was amongst children working  in hazardous environments - the 
number engaged in this work fell by 26%.   
    *   Praise God for this change, and for the millions of  children whose 
quality of life has improved so significantly in the last few  years.  
    *   Pray that governments would continue to demand better  and safer 
conditions for young workers, and that the poverty which forces  children to work 
would be addressed by the international community.  
Polio vaccination in Afghanistan
Afghanistan is one of just four  countries in the world still affected by 
polio. Earlier in the year,  Egypt was declared free of polio  after successful 
immunisation campaigns.  
    *   Praise God that a polio eradication drive has taken  place in 
Afghanistan this month. More than  two million children have been vaccinated, which 
should lead to an end to the  virus in the country.  
    *   Please pray for polio to be stamped out around the  world. Pray that 
the last few nations would be able to vaccinate their  children effectively to 
achieve this. 
Malnutrition in West Africa and the Horn of  Africa
Across West Africa, the countries of the Sahel -  including Burkina Faso,  
Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger -  are facing dangerously high levels of child 
malnutrition. Further east, the  nomadic peoples of Somalia,  Kenya and 
Ethiopia are  also in danger, as drought has caused up to half of their herds to 
die. With  their families' livelihoods so damaged, 40,000 children are now so 
malnourished  that they could well die in the coming months.   
    *   Please pray for enough rain to replenish water  supplies, bringing 
good harvests and revived herds.   
    *   Pray for those supporting these vulnerable communities  - for 
sufficient resources to meet their needs, and for long-term solutions  preventing 
food crises in the future.
Child soldiers freed in Sudan
Since 2001, an estimated 20,000 children from the former  southern rebel 
forces, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), have been  disarmed, 
demobilised and returned to their families and communities. However,  there are an 
estimated 2,000 children still associated with the SPLA, mainly in  non-combat 
roles and in hard-to-reach areas.   
    *   · Praise God that currently, many child soldiers are  being released 
in southern Sudan, as part of a process to  disarm children involved with 
armed forces or groups. 250 children in  Upper  Nile State were freed at the end 
of April,  and the government plans to demobilise all child soldiers this year. 
    *   · Please pray for children who have fought in  Sudan to receive the 
care and  support they need to reintegrate into society. Pray for God to 
restore them  and show them his unconditional love. 
Thank you for your  prayers, 
Cathryn Baker 
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