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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 17:03:19 EDT
Dear Prayer  Friends, 
As you know, this  past weekend marked the Global Weekend of Prayer for 
Children at  Risk!  Thank you for praying  extra for the suffering children of the 
world.  Please thank your churches and local  communities who were able to 
host this event and encourage prayer.  I am sure we’ll see the results of our  
prayers.  The children will forever  be grateful. 
Updates on our  orphanages and children’s works 
All is well on the  fields in India, Africa, and  Russia…although  it’s 
extremely hot in India so keep the children’s health  in prayer.  And the street 
children  in Russia are still very  needy. 
Adoption  Update 
Last week, I visited  dear friends in Florida who’ve now adopted 5 children 
(with 2  biological children) and will be adopting two more.  Amazing.  These 
friends are also beginning a  Christian Adoption Agency – something I’ve 
dreamed of and prayed about for  years.  Please pray for  them. 
Pray also for the  successful adoptions of Nikita, Alexandria, Alexander, 
Roman, Sonia…and  millions of others. 
Pray for many more  Christians to adopt or foster children.  Over 118, 000 
await in the USA alone.  
Dear Girl in  Thailand 
Thailand is notorious for  child sex slavery.  Imagine a  beautiful 
9-year-old girl being deaf and living in a slum.  How tragically vulnerable.  This is 
Mink’s case, but because O.F.  will sponsor her to go to a school for the deaf, 
her life will have hope. Mink’s  picture is on the O.F. website in the June 
newsletter – _www.orphansfirst.org_ (http://www.orphansfirst.org/)   Pray for 
Mink & her grandmother –  that both would fully know Jesus.   
Abused  Girl 
*From a friend  regarding an abused African girl:  “…our family has taken in 
a young lady from Malawi, Africa  -- Zandinal.  She is 20 years old…She was 
abused sexually and physically  for several years from her youth up until last 
year just before she came to the  U.S.  She even has a 6 year old  child back 
in her country.  The father of the child is her step-father who  is also a 
minister in a church and was, until last year, her abuser.  Her  child continues 
to live in Malawi with the family.  He is  very influential and we are 
surprised he allowed her to even leave.  I am  discipling her for spiritual growth 
and educational growth.   I am not  only concerned for her, but also for her 
child and other siblings… She has  negative images that she has to overcome.”  
Please pray for her and her 6 year old  child and any siblings who may be in 
danger of being  abused. 
Troubled  Youths 
Some progress seen  among some of them—thanks to your prayers.  But let’s 
not stop praying… 
My Travel  Schedule. 
I leave (again)  tomorrow for Chicago for Write-to-Publish.  Please pray for 
divine contacts to  further God’s Kingdom especially for the needy children.  
Prayer appreciated also for the many  projects I’m trying to juggle to expand 
O.F.  And please let me know if anyone wants  more info. on my new parenting 

Forever thanking  Him for calling you to pray for the children,
Janey L. DeMeo

Founder/director of Orphans  First; author & freelance writer
Website: www.orphansfirst.org / E-mail: Janey@... 
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