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From: JaneyDeMeo@...
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 15:21:24 EDT
Orphans First Prayer  Requests, June 16, 2006 
Dear Prayer  Friends, 
Thank you for praying  for my travels.  They were fruitful and I've come home 
with several writing  assignments that could make a difference for the 
suffering children.  I  again met many people who've adopted—some four children—and 
others praying about  adoption.  OUR PRAYERS ARE BEING ANSWERED.   
One thing I learned at  both conferences:  I need to blog.  So, please visit 
my new blog –  _http://janey-demeo.blogspot.com/_ 
(http://janey-demeo.blogspot.com/)    –  and enjoy the music video which  so expresses OF’s heart. 
Now let’s praise God  and pray for the following: 

*   India -- continued  blessings on Grace  Home. 
Pray for all of  India and the many poor children,  abused, homeless 
children, AIDS victims… 
*   Thailand -- Mink, the 9-yr-old  dear girl in Bangkok we are funding to go 
to deaf  school.  She is doing well and will hopefully begin school any day  
now.  Pray for the many street children, and sexual child victims in  Thailand 
and surrounding  countries.   
*   poor and suffering  children throughout Africa, and for our contacts in 
Ivory  Coast, Ghana, Togo, &  Gabon (P.  Jean-Sylvestre is presently visiting 
us here in America from Libreville).   
*   street children, AIDS children, and  orphans throughout this desperate 
*   Russia, Moscow -- the street  children Alexandra ministers to, supported 
by O.F.  Pray for a home for  them in the future, and for them all to really 
walk with  Christ. 
*   Russia, St.Pete -- the children still  awaiting a forever family. 
*   France -- troubled youths in  France, and hurting little ones. (We  are 
no longer there geographically, but our hearts are with the  people). 
*   Adoptions -- for Christians  adopting -- that God would open wide the 
doors, and that He'd call more to  adopt. 
* Foster parents and  children. 
…a mother who has been  trying to adopt two children who have been abused and 
bounced from one foster  home to another. Recently they were put back in the 
orphanage due to violations  in the foster home they were in but the mother 
wanting to adopt them is being  refused because she doesn’t “OWN her own home” 
(neither do we so I guess we  couldn’t adopt either).  .   However, she is a 
loving, older Christian woman and could provide them with the  healing love of 
God they so desperately need.   
*  Pray also 21 year old Zandinal who has  suffered abuse in her home country 
in African and who is now with a family in  America.  Pray for her 6 year old 
daughter who is  still in Africa and may be in danger of  abuse.   
Thank you for  continuing to pray for the little ones. 
In Christ who IS  compassion,
Janey L. DeMeo

Founder/director of Orphans First; author  & freelance writer
Website:  www.orphansfirst.org / E-mail: Janey@... 
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