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From: lifeunlimited@... (Robert A Tolliver)
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:26:39 -0600
February 20, 1998

Bob Tolliver

ADDRESS:  Route 1, Box 87AB, Collins, MO 64738
Ph: 417-275-4854.   Fax: 417-275-4855
E-mail: lifeunlimited@...


As I have mentioned before, we are now using a Christian mailing list
server by which to send our newsletters.  I first ran across this service
through a Canadian friend whom I met at the Life Center in Crikvenica,
Croatia.  Because I often send my newsletters while on the road, this
makes it extremely easy to send to several hundred recipients with just
one quick "send", and also to maintain the list.

Your e-mail address goes to no one else through this service.  Nobody
else can send you an e-mail as a result of this service.

However, by following the directions below, you can check out other
newsletter sources from many Christian ministries and subscribe to any of
them you wish.

It is my prayer that all future newsletters I send for your encouragement
will be received and enjoyed.  If you ever have any questions, or need to
write me about any other matter, please contact me directly at

Please read carefully the following information.  It will help you
understand how to subscribe, unsubscribe, send me new names, get back
copies, etc.

Thank you.  Be blessed by the Lord.  May you prosper in everything to
which you put your hands.

Bob Tolliver

--------- Begin forwarded message ----------

Robert Tolliver's "Shoulder To Shoulder" newsletter has been established
on a
mailing list server at associate.com.  You may be familiar with other
server programs such as Majordomo or ListServ - the program used here is
called EZmlm (Easy Mailing List Manager).  This software uses a different
method for subscription control, so you will want to save this message
future reference.

The EZmlm name for the "Shoulder To Shoulder" list is SHOULDERS.
One thing to note is that GENERAL list server help and a list of lists
from this
EZmlm list server is available by sending ANY message to

You can get your own copy of all the help info below by sending a message


--- Here are the ezmlm command addresses.

I can handle administrative requests automatically.
Just send an empty note to any of these addresses:


   Receive future messages sent to the mailing list.

   Stop receiving messages.


   Retrieve a copy of messages 12 to 45 from the archive.
   A maximum of 50 messages are returned per request.

   Retrieve a copy of all messages with the same subject
   as message 12345 from the archive.

   Retrieve subjects of messages, including 123 though 456
   from the archive. Subjects are returned in sets of 100.
   A maximum of 2000 subjects are returned per request.


To specify God@... as your subscription address, send mail
to <SHOULDERS-subscribe-God=heaven.af.mil@...>.
I'll send a confirmation message to that address; when you receive that
message, simply reply to it to complete your subscription.

Associated MUG - '94-'98 Macintosh files 
CyberChurch - Over 50 various E-mail Conferences for friends of Jesus

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