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When the enemy seems overwhelming and all seems lost, remember, we have an unbeatable last line of defense. "We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us". 


Praise & Prayer

from believers around

Liju Philip (Mumbai) has been diagnosed with damaged kidneys. He had no symptoms and had just gone to do his yearly physical and they detected it through an ultra sound and later on through a CT scan. Doctors have found that one kidney is already damaged fully and the other is affected and needs immediate surgery. His surgery to remove one kidney was slated for 9th April at Raheeja Hospital. But sudden increase in his blood pressure has put on hold the surgery. Further tests have been recommended & the surgery has been postponedBasically he is from Arrepparambu Assembly Kottayam, but now in fellowship with Bethel Assembly, Santacruz. Liju is brother Binoy Chacko's elder brother's son. He is also so talented in singing. He is the lead singer for gospel band, “Moksh Raag”. He used to sing enjoying every words of it, and we too will feel it. He had to sing on Saturday and Sunday for two special Easter programs. He is only 38 yrs old. His wife Bindu, children: Dorothy (13 years old) and Deborah (7 years old) needs our prayers. (Inputs from Nelson Thomas, Sam Mathew, Jerrin Varghese from Mumbai)
Jyoti Barik (Bargarh) is suffering from cardiac problems. He has breathing difficulties. He is under treatment. He's been advised further treatment in Bangalore. Prayers solicited. (Courtesy : |HOPE|-SMS)
Panka Mahanand (Bargarh) is suffering from psychological problem and mental stress. She is a member of Bethel Brethren Assembly. Prayers coveted for complete healing of her mental condition. (Courtesy : |HOPE|-SMS)
Bhoola (Orissa) a 10 year old child, is suffering from multiple ailments. He is suffering from TB also. Now doctors have detected cancer in his mouth. He is the 10 year son of a contact. Jiban Barik, the local worker, solicts prayer for the child and the family may know Christ during these tiring times. (Courtesy : |HOPE|-SMS)
Elizabeth (W/o J Santosh, Evangelist, Nellore) is suffering from psychological disorder for the last two years. Please do pray for her as her condition many-a-times inhibits our brother in the ministry. They hail from Berachah Christian Assembly. (Courtesy : |HOPE|-SMS)
Premanandam M (Evangelist, Karimnagar) met with a bike accident on 23 March while going for house visiting. He was admitted at Geet Orthopeadic Hospital where doctors performed surgery to insert a rod on his right hand wrist. Prayers solcited for complete healing. (Courtesy : |HOPE|-SMS)
Jessy (W/o Joseph Chacko, Evangelist, Goa) has undergone a brain surgery in CMC, Vellore. She need to go for a check up this month. Joseph Chacko also underwent an operation in last October at CMC, Vellore for polyps. They also need to go for a check up at the earliest. They appreciate your prayers.

Suddu, 11 years old, has been kidnapped from home. He is the brother-in-law of Ramjee Sahni (Evangelist, MUzzafarpur, Bihar). Bihar is notorious for kidnapping for ransom & killings. Please pray for the safe return & protection of the child. (Courtesy : |HOPE|-SMS)
Yaip Habi (6 year old) is suffering from chicken pox. The family had lost their sole bread winner, Yaip’s dad in Ibomcha on 23 January. The children & the widowed wife are going through difficult circumstances. Prayers solicited.
M.E. Rajappan from Aymanam, Kottayam Dist (Worked long time in Bahrain then resigned his job and turn to Lord's ministry) is suffering with cancer in stomach. Started treatment, 2 therapy was over and the 3rd one on 19th April. Then a major surgery has to do after therapy. Please pray for dear brother. (Courtesy : GBV)
Koteswara Rao (Elder of Maranatha Gospel Centre, Kannavarithota) is suffering from Kidney infection and Eye infection. He also has BP & Blood Sugar. Presently he is admitted in a private hospital. He is serving the Lord for the past 12 years. Prayers solicited for his healing. (Courtesy : Samuel John, Guntur)
Persis (4 year old) D/o Joseph M. Peter (worker, Patna-Bihar) is discharged from hospital. She was admitted in CMC Vellore with infection in the blood. Her parents She was earlier suffering from TB Meningitis and successfully underwent a surgery at CMC Vellore, for inserting a tube from brain to stomach due to Hydrocephalus. Prayers solicited for her healing. Contact : Joseph M. Peter C/o Amlesh Kumar, Mithila Colony, Nasriganj, Baraganj PO, Patna, Bihar – 18. Vellore Mobile  +91-9003391695; Patna Mobile +91-9334880262; Shyla (Wife) +91–9234864636. (Courtesy : Roy Johnson)
Varghese Madapally fell down from roof top and suffered injuries and multiple Fractures of his hands & Nasal Bone. In the fall  2 of his teeth broken and lost.  Hospitalized in the ICU of Al Shifa Hospital,  Perinthalmanna.  (Courtesy : AT-Kochi)
Chinnamma Kuttappan (56), has been suffering from severe chest pain for a long time. The doctors have advised her angioplasty, and it has to be done immediately. The surgery is scheduled for the first week of April and they do not yet have sufficient funds. The family is too poor to raise the Rs. 180,000 needed for this surgery as they depend upon pension for their survival. She is a member of Brethren Church Koothattukulam. The Elders (NC Simon : +91-954-4128790; PA Joseph : +91-984-6908977) of the Koothattukulam Assembly request the earnest prayers  and support of the saints worldwide for this sister. (Courtesy : Dr Johnson C Philip)
N R Nagendran (Evangelist, Manamadurai) has been suffering with chest pain for  almost two months. He was admitted in Vadamalayan Hospital Madurai, where he underwent various tests. Finally he was instructed to go for an Angiogram test, in which five blocks were detected – two major blocks and three minor blocks. He is under the treatment very severely. Contact : N. R. Nagendran  Maravar St., Manamadurai - 630 606, Tamil Nadu, India. Phone : +91-9894774636
Thankamma Mathew (W/o Mathew C John, ex-Bhopal) has an inoperable tumor near brain and nostril. She has swelling near the right eye & has no vision in it. She is advised for radiotherapy (radiation) at Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum from 26 March onwards. Prayers solicited. (Courtesy : John Mathew, Indore)
Jessy George Thomas, W/o George Thomas (Bangalore) was suffering from problems with Kidney, BP, Blood sugar etc.  In June 2007 she had undergone a Kidney transplant. She was keeping fine till recently when she developed swelling in her body. She is recently affected by chicken pox and her kidney failed and undergoing dialysis. Currently she is admitted in the ICU at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. Her husband George Thomas and youngest son are also affected by chickenpox. Prayers solicited.
P.J.Thomas (Bethesda Bible chapel, Dallas, Texas) has been diagnosed with Lung cancer and is currently undergoing  treatment. Please uphold him in your prayers.
V O Simon (Evangelist, Palunda) is suffering from cardiac & kidney problems. He is undergoing dialysis for his kidney ailment. He lost his youngest son-in-law few years back in an accident. So his widowed daughter & family lives with him. Many a times its difficult for him to meet the medical expenses (of dialysis). If you are lead by the Lord, please send your gifts to: V O Simon, Palunda, Chungathara PO, Malapuram, Kerala – 679334. Phone +91-4931-230685. BANK DETAILS : V O Simon, Account Number : 57050724090, Bank and Branch: State Bank of Travancore, Nilambur Branch, Kerala.  [Bro. Simon is dedicated to the ministry and serving the Lord. I know them personally and would entreat Brethren who are led by the Spirit to help them. The expenses have gone beyond their limit. - Monsy Abraham, Worker, Bhopal]

If we look at problems without taking into consideration God's sovereign control, everything will look hopeless & purposeless to us. Trust God - Dr. JCP


Vineyard Gleanings

Events / Activities / Happenings

Date : 6th April to 10th April, 2pm-5pm. 
Resources : Abraham Jacob (Kottayam), Biju Varghese (Ranny), Biju Mathew (Mazhukeer),
                Charles Varghese (Pulikeezh), Santhosh V.S (Pallipad), Jaison George (Kottarakara)
Expecting 120-150 students from different religious background. Please pray.
Contact : Robin Baby (Evangelist, Pallipad) 
SBS Teens Camp 2010
Venue: SBS Camp Centre, Puthencavu
Date:   5 -10, April 2010
This camp is for the students of Class 9 to 12th.
For More Details : Binu Samuel (09447359183); Abraham Thomas (09446554645)
Date : 9th to 11th April 2010.
Speakers : Dr. K. C. Johnson & Bro. Dani Ezikiel
Venue : 8 Assemblies will gather together in a place name Kuddapalli.
           10 Assemblies will gather in Jonaga.
           7 Assemblies will gather in Antikonda.
Contact : Evangelist G. Silas Satyam, 09908951571.
Date : 12th April to 11th June 2010
Medium : Hindi
Venue : NIBI, Alwar
For more details, please contact:
Director, NIBI, +91-144-2336249, +91-9413966102.
Date : 14-15 April
Venue : Mankulam Brethren Assembly
Speakers : V. M. Paul, K. K. Santhosh Kumar, Chandapilla  Philip
Contact : Arun K. Paul (+91-944-6920419)
Venue : Bhiwani, Haryana
Date : 20 April, 2010
Resources : Benny Charalil (Evangelist, Sehore), Monsy Abraham (Evangelist, Bhopal)
Musicians : Edwin Paul (Evangelist, Gurgaon)
Organized by : HOPE under the aegis of Brethren Assembly, Bhiwani (K K Thankachen, Evangelist)
[HOPE is a ministry initiative thru Bhopal Believers Assembly]
Venue : Hissar, Haryana
Date : 21 April, 2010
Resources : Benny Charalil (Evangelist, Sehore), Monsy Abraham (Evangelist, Bhopal)
Musicians : Edwin Paul (Evangelist, Gurgaon)
Organized by : HOPE under the aegis of Brethren Assembly, Hissar (M K Samuelkutty, Evangelist)
[HOPE is a ministry initiative thru Bhopal Believers Assembly]
Topic : Doctrine of God in the Holy Bible and in the Quran        
Date : 21 April, 2010
Time : 10: 00 am. onwards
Venue : Devi Palace Hotel, Nilambur, Malappuram Dist.
Moderator : Rev. Dr. Johnson T
Christian Presenter : Jerry Thomas
Islamic Presenter : Prominent Islamic Scholar Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu
For More details : Jerry Thomas  - Sakshi Apologetics Network -; jerryv.thomas@...
Date : 21 - 23 April
Venue : Karkkala
Speakers : Jose Mathew, Jose Mangudy, Raju K Mathews
Theme : "Christian Family & Assembly"
Contact : Joy Chacko (Evangelist)
Date : 22-24 April.
Venue : Christian Assembly, Gandhinagar, Guntur
Contact : Samuel John, Elder, Christian Assembly, Gandhinagar, Guntur
Date : 24th April,2010
Time : 10.00am to 04.00 pm
Speaker : Nitish Patel (Evangelist, London), Sanjay K. Christian (Evgeslist, Anand)
Theme : "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"
Venue : Petlad (Dist-Anand)
Contact : Sanjay K. Christian (Evangelist)
Date : 24th - 25th April, 2010
Speaker : Samuel John (Vizag)
Venue : Mamre Christian Assembly, Hindpur (AP)
Contact : Daniel V (Evangelist)
Believers Brethren Assembly, Kozhenchery East
Pray & Support the Vacation Bible School (SBS VBS)
Place: Kurangumala
Date: April 26-30, 2010
Contact : Mr. Rajan V. Thomas (Evangelist, +91-9947120181)
Date : 27-29 April
Venue : Sinkukandom is a new place where few have come to the knowledge of salvation
Contact : Arun K. Paul (+91-944-6920419)
“Oh Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years !”  Habakkuk 3:2
‘Reflection,  Renewal  and  Revival’
Speaker : George A. Dawson (New Delhi)
Date : 29th April to 2nd May – Daily at 6pm.
Family Meet : Saturday, the 1st May 2010
Venue :  Clarence High School Auditorium, Bangalore.
Organised by : Assembly Growth Ministries, #42, Dacosta layout, Bangalore.
(Raju M. Koshy For Assembly Growth Ministries, Bangalore)
Date : 1st to 31st May 2010
Medium : Oriya
Venue : Rayagada, Orissa
For more details, please contact:
B B Hanoach (+91-9238872689)
Date : 1st and 2nd May. 5pm to 8.30pm
Spekers : Jerry Thomas and James.
Venue : Kakkanad, Kochi
Music fest come Evangelistic convention.
Organised by Rapha Believers Assembly at Kakkanad.
Contact : Jacob K Jacob : 9446035690 
Venue : Fort Gospel Hall, Vizianagaram
Date : 2nd to 9th May 2010.
Speaker : Junia Jayaraj (Bangalore), AP Masih (Rajnandagaon), PM Jaison (Vizianagaram),
              PM Ramana (Srikakulam), Michael Martin (B'lore), Moses Injeti (Vizag)
Contact : P. Ananda Jaya Babu (09440886627)
Theme : Useful vessel.
Venue : Chiristukula Ashram, Courtallam, Tirunelveli Dist.
Dates : 3 - 7 May; Monday 7 pm to Thursday noon.
Speakers : Mrs.Ratnakumari L. Rajendran, Tiruvarur
               Mrs. Lissie M.G.John, Chennai
Children's ministry: Mrs.Vani Athisayam, Tirupuvanam.
Contact: Mrs. Sugirtham Devanesan Cell: 97501 66171
Date : 5-8 May
Venue : 6th mile is also a new place of work from where a new family is coming to Mankulam for worship.
Contact : Arun K. Paul (+91-944-6920419) 
Theme : “The Will of God” (I Thess: 4:3)
Date : 10th to 15th May 2010
Venue : Fellowship Mission School, Chanod, Silvasa Road, Vapi
Guest Speakers : Thomson B Thomas; Nelson Thomas; Rajan Thomas; Stephen Cherian; Molly John
Contact : Jose Dali, Evangelist, Vapi
Theme Verse : “ thou faithful unto death”. Rev 2:10
Date : 25 May at 4pm to 28 May till 1:00pm.
Venue : “JACOB GARDENS”, Kil-Padappai, (Via Tambaram).
Bus Stop : From Tambaram take Bus to Padappai, and get down at Kil-Padappai. Opp to IBP Petrol Pump.
Speakers : Jose Mangudi (Kerala), Koshy Mathew (Mumbai)
SBS Special Camp-2010
Special Camp for the Overseas Students& Parents.
Venue : SBS Camp Centre, Puthencavu
Date : 3 - 6 August 2010
Date : Friday, June 11 Through Sunday, June 13, 2010
Venue : Texas Woman's University, Denton
Speakers : Joe Reese, Benson Thomas, Billy P. Jacob, Anil Samuel
Theme : “God’s Timely Message”    ( Based On The Book Of Malachi) 
Theme : 'Delights of our life in Christ'
Venue : Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana
Date: June 30, Wednesday thru' July 4, Sunday.
Speakers : Kenneth Daughters (Dubuque, IA, USA), George Dawson (Delhi, India), Albert Sunil (Aurangabad, India)
More details to follow. We request your earnest prayer for this conference. For IBF Committee - Regimon Kallinkal
Date : Thursday, July 29 through Sunday, August 1, 2010
Venue : Doubletree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center, 200 Atrium Drive, Somerset, New Jersey 08873
United effort of Evangelists of MP & CG
Date : 14th - 17th September 2010 
Venue : Datia (Madhya Pradesh)
Pray for :
1. Datia - no Assembly Testimony
2. Fruitful ministry
3. Financial needs
Contact : Evg. Shaji Varghese (Treasurer, GPC), Khandwa. Cell  +91-9424019070
for GPC : Evg. V. A. Antony (Secretary, GPC), Satna. Cell  +91-9424741102
Date : 4 – 7 November 2010
Venue : Jaipur Brethren Assembly - Jaipur
Please Pray & Participate
Date : 3rd to 5th December 2010.
Speaker : Bro. Shalu T. Nainan
Venue : Christian Assembly, Gandhinagar, Guntur
Contact : Samuel John, Elder, Christian Assembly, Gandhinagar, Guntur
Venue: Public Stadium, Pathanamthitta
Time : 28 to 30 January 2011
Speakers: Chandapilla Philip (Kottayam), Jose Mangudy (Wayanad), P.G James (Thannithode)
Singers : Angel Music, Muvattupuzha, Calvary Voice, Cochin, Heavenly Koinonia, Kollam .
Pray and Participate
For more Details: 09847294940, 9847865692  E-Mail: binsambbi@...
Date : 13 – 17 June 2011
Venue : Louan, near Provins, in the departement of Seine et Marne
Theme : ‘I will build my Church’
For more details of IBCM conferences, see the website
Date : 11-13 November 2012
Venue : Bhopal
Organized by Bhopal Believers Assembly
For more info contact : Monsy Abraham (Evangelist, Bhopal)

It’s what’s in the heart that counts. "But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)

Letters from Brethren

Letters / Emails / Text Messages

BINOI ABRAHAM SAMUEL Sharjah writes :  
The 11th Teens Camp took place here at the Union Church, Sharjah from 29th march to the 1st of April. Children from all over the Emirates attended the same. The children were blessed with godly leaders who counselled them with the word of God.
Bro. Ashish Sam, Delhi spoke on the theme watch yourselves. He spoke about how as teen one should watch themselves in purity, with the word of God, and for the glory of God.
Bro. Mathew Paul, Coimbatore also spoke on the subject of prayer. He had challenged the youth to be a group of people who treasure Christ over anything/anyone in life. He emphasized on desiring God at an early age.
Bro. Rejoy Sam, Kuwait also exposed godly counsel to the teens. In his first session, he emphasized on modesty in clothing. During the second session, he challenged the youth for the need of taking a stand for the Lord before the world by obeying the Lord in the waters of baptism. The Lord graciously worked during his second session and enabled 4 of the teens to take decisions concerning baptism.
The Pre-Teens were also blessed similarly.
Bro. Joel Abraham, Sharjah helped them understand that they needed to know that they had a PACK from God and that the PACK consisted of knowing (a) Purpose of Life, (b) Attitude, (c) Character, and (d) Keys to a Fruitful Life
The children went back to their homes blessed. They were blessed both with the word of God and with the fellowship of believers.
As a church, we bless the Lord for having helped us through the camp. Because of His steadfast love we never felt we were alone. He continued to remind us every day that He was with us. We saw 15 of our children turn to the Lord for salvation. We rejoice in this matter. We thank God that He chose to use this ministry to touch the hearts of the youth.
We thank all those who prayed for us. We covet your continual prayers as we seek to follow-up with those who had attended the camp. Click on 11th TEENS CAMP, UAE to watch the Photos.
THOMAS K VARGHESE (YMEF Secretary - North) Chennai writes :
Theme Verse : “ thou faithful unto death”. Rev 2:10
Date : 25 May at 4pm to 28 May till 1:00pm.
Venue : “JACOB GARDENS”, Kil-Padappai, (Via Tambaram).
Bus Stop : From Tambaram take Bus to Padappai, and get down at Kil-Padappai. Opp to IBP Petrol Pump.
Speakers : Jose Mangudi (Kerala), Koshy Mathew (Mumbai)
We cordially invite all Brethren to participate in the camp as family. Bible study, Discussion, Studies on the Book of Revelation, Melodious songs are some of the special features of the camp. Those who are inspired by the Lord to help financially are kindly requested to contact at the following address:
Thomas.K.Varghese, YMEF Secretary (North), 1828/1, 18th Main Road, Sathyam Apartment, Anna Nagar west, Chennai – 600040. Ph – 044-26181796 / 09840136997.
Organizing Committee : T. Enoch, Judah Simon, S.George, T.Ravi Xavier
Yours in His Service:
M.G.JOHN, General Secretary, 84B, James Street, Madipakkam, Chennai-600091. É 09841551983.
A.P.EASURAJ, Secretary South, 833/201, Malayadipatti, Rajapalayam – 626117. É 09486512378.
J.MARTIN LUTHER, Secretary East, N0-44, III Cross, V.O.C Nagar, Lalgudi, Trichy – 621703. É 09943071933.
RAMESH Secretary West, MIG 35 Housing Board, Vennampatty, Dharmapuri – 636705. É 09944855626.
Pray & Support the Vacation Bible School (SBS VBS)
Place: Kurangumala
Date: April 26-30, 2010
Rajan V. Thomas is a faithful servant of God working for the Lord in and around Kozhenchery. As a result of his ministry, an assembly testimony was established in East Kozhenchery. Most of the believers are from the poor family. This assembly is in need of your prayerful support for their VBS work. 
His Account Number: State Bank of Travancore, Kumbanad Branch S.B. A/c No. 57023575335. 
His postal address is Mr. Rajan V. Thomas, Mudiyilethu Gibin Villa, Pullad P.O., Pathanamthitta Dist., Kerala, India-689 548. MOBILE No. 9947120181.
SURESH M SAMUEL (Evangelist), Thazhava writes :
Please do pray for Anayady, the place where we serve the Lord. We are residing in a rented house for the past 15 years. We need to build a house of our own. Please pray for this need also. (Courtesy : HOPE-SMS : +91-9752910345)
GODSON VALAYIL (Evangelist) Waynad writes :
By the Grace of God, last year we reached out to more than 5000 children with the Gospel through the VBS.  God willing, this year we are planning to conduct more than 40 VBS in Wayanad District. We have four trained teams (Including Teachers & volunteers).  Each team will conduct 8 to 10 VBS.  Please pray that  God’s name be glorified,  many  children are brought to the  saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, Brethren (Teachers ) to share God’s word effectively, & Volunteers to serve the Lord , Physical and material provisions / arrangements. Please pray for heavenly blessings on this ministry to the children. For More Details: Godson Valayil, Valayil House, Puthenkunnu  P.O., Wayanad – 673 595, Kerala - India Tel: +91-944-776-2741
SAM S PHILIP (Evangelist) Morena writes : 
Dialogue between Jamaath-e-Islami and Sakshi Apologetics Network (Kerala Branch)
Sakshi Apologetics Network (, Kerala Branch and Jamaath-e-Islami has agreed for a closed room dialog.
Format: Sakshi Apologetics Network will present the case for the doctrine of God in the Holy Bible which will be followed by question and answer session for1 ½ hours. Jamaath-e-Islami will present their case for the doctrine of God in the Quran which will be followed by question and answer session for 1 ½ hours.
Moderator: Rev. Dr. Johnson T, Chairman of the Evangelical Church (Malabar Region), Board Member, Christian Studies of Calicut University and Coordinator of Sakshi Apologetics Network (North Kerala) will be the moderator.
Christian Presenter: Bro. Jerry Thomas will present the case for the doctrine of God in the Holy Bible.
Islamic Presenter: Prominent Islamic Scholar Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu will present the case for the doctrine of God in the Quran. Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu is the Asst. Amir of Jama'at e Islami Hind, Kerala, Member of Central Representative Council, Jama'at e Islami Hind. He was the Director of I.P.H. Calicut. He regularly writes in Malayalam dailies and journals and has authored more than 60 books including 14 translations and has won 5 awards for best works
For More details : Jerry Thomas  - Sakshi Apologetics Network -; jerryv.thomas@...
1. Ponginchuvadu tribal colony is a forest area in Ernakulum district under Vengoor panchayat. Its a dangerous 18 km travelling from Vadattupara, Bhoothathankettu dam with dangerous wild animals. It is impossible to go there by walk. We can use only jeep for travelling there. For three and half year we continually prayed for starting a ministry there. As a result God helped me to reach there with Evangelist P.K Joy. Almost 450 persons are living there within 106 families. They are all from ‘malayan’ division. Most of them are highly drug addicts but they are loving in nature. Most of them has farms. They collect spices, fruits and sell it outside. These are their family income. There are many unfavorable conditions from the forest securities and some peoples in this area. We are requesting your prayers for this ministries

2. By god’s grace we could start a new work at Nellimolam, Vvayikkara, and Rayamangalam. Its a huge place which is surrounded by Moovattupuzha, Perumbavoor, Kothamangalam, Odakkaly and Kuruppampady. No other Brethren ministries are continually done there till now. We are wishing to do a continuous work there for a need of one assembly there. Myself and evangelist P.K Joy does this ministries with the support of both our assemblies : Pralayikkadu Brethren Assembly and Krarialy Brethren Assembly. Any evangelist willing to work with us can contact us. Please pray for both the ministries.

Evangelist A. Stephen - 09447272624 and Evangelist P.K Joy - 09744035359
FIBA Youth Retreat in New York, USA, was well attended and a great blessing.
The one-day Youth Retreat at the India Gospel Assembly on April 3rd was well attended. We want to thank you all for your prayers and also for your participation by bringing the children and youth on time in the morning from all the assemblies in the North East. Bro. Brady Colliers from Texas also spoke at the general meeting in the evening [from Hebrews Chapter 11 with many new insights and challenges]. This was a blessing to all the families. 
Click on FIBA YOUTH RETREAT to watch the Photos.
MONSY ABRAHAM (Worker) Bhopal writes:
Thank you for the prayers for the following events. God's grace was abundant and we could experience it each moment.
This lecture series was organised for the students at HOPE Academy of Theology & Sciences (HATS) from 29 - 31 March, 2010. The sessions on the three days were taken by Jiju Ninan (Thrissur) & Dharmaraj Gangadharan (Mavelikera). The students were challenged to walk a life reflecting Christ and to be a witness in the community. This event forms part of the three extra-curricular sessions at HATS. Christian Life Lecture Series was organized by HOPE under the aegis of Bhopal Believers Assembly.
Bhopal Believers Assembly/HOPE organised an all Madhya Pradesh Workers Family Fellowship & Camp on 1 & 2 April. Nelson Thomas (Evangelist, Mumbai) was the resource person. Day One of the Camp was spend in Crescent Amusement & Water Park, Sehore. After singing & couple of sessions the Evangelists-Family alongwith the members of Bhopal Believers Assembly & students of HATS had refreshing & facilitating fellowship. Later in the day we visited the local Worker, Benny Charalil's home & Assembly. Towards the end of the day everyone returned back to Bhopal to have a final session in the Word at Brethren Assembly Hall, Shivaji Nagar. Day Two of the Camp was spend at Brethren Assembly Hall, Bhopal. The first session was a devotional by Bro Nelson Thomas. The second session of the day was for the local workers in MP & was led by Bro Nelson Thomas. Various issues facing the Evangelists in MP were discussed. Sisters session for the missionary wives were taken by Sis Mercy Benny (W/o Benny Charalil, Evangelist, Sehore). Dharmaraj Gangadharan took sessions for the missionary kidz. The Camp ended with a final challenge session in the noon by Bro Nelson Thomas. MP Workers Family Fellowship & Camp was organized by Bhopal Believers Assembly. Click on MP WORKERS FAMILY FELLOWSHIP & CAMP to watch the Photos.
The first Graduation Service of HATS was held on 2nd April 2010. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Joseph Varghese (Evangelist, Morar). 8 students from Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa & Madhya Pradesh successfully completed their One year course leading to Diplomas/Certificates. Brethren from across participated. HATS offer dual Certificates/Diplomas in integrated studies in Theology & Office Management. HATS academic study prepares people for life in the ‘real world’. As of now HATS offers residential integrated educational programs. The integrated twin programs aim to equip students in non-theological disciplines with the theological understandings needed to apply a Christian perspective and commitment to their life in the world, including their professional and vocational life. Graduation Service of HATS was organized by HOPE under the aegis of Bhopal Believers Assembly. Click on 1st GRADUATION SERVICE @ HATS to watch the Photos.

Cell : +91-9752910345; +91-7828210345; Office : +91-755-4257150
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"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek"..........Romans 1:16

VINEYARD VOICE is a weekly e-publication for Believers that includes Praise & Prayer Items, Vineyard News, Letters from Brethren, Reviews, Devotionals and Articles. This e-publication is brought to you by HOPEHOPE is a ministry initiative thru Bhopal Believers Assembly. HOPE is involved in both electronic & print media. It initiates the largest prayer network from India among the Brethren with a readership base of more than 10000 believers. Through printed newsletter / website / email-digests / SMS, we reach to more Brethren across the world and helps them stay connected. We send an average 4000+ SMS daily across India. Write to us today at hope@... or +91-9752910345 to stay connected & informed. Thank you for your patronage.
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