"I was considered very straight. Nevertheless I also was very lost."

I got saved back in July of 1973. It was by His grace that I was called out of bondage into His glorious light.

I was a Lutheran for 22 years of my life. I did not know the Lord Jesus as my Saviour or Lord. I had heard in a round about fashion the Word of God as I was growing up in the Lutheran Church. In the church that I was a member of most did not believe in the Born again experience. Salvation was based upon you baptism and your membership in the church. My life was not a particularly bad one in the sense that I had gotten into all sorts of drugs and things. In the world I was considered very straight. Nevertheless I also was very lost. Not even realizing that I was lost, I was content in my sins so-to-speak.

My salvation came about after a woman asked me did I know where I would spend eternity if I were to die that night. I said probably heaven because I was not that bad and tried to do what was right and went to church. Those of course were all the wrong reasons. My salvation did not come about that night. But I remember distinctly that the Lord had gotten my attention. From that time forward I had an interest in Spiritual things. A couple of weeks later in an Assembly of God Church I gave my life to the Lord Jesus and asked Him to come into my life. And in His love and mercy He has done just that.

Since that time I got saved the Lord has been gracious to me. He has healed my marriage. I was married to my wife at the age of 19, and she was 18. Needless to say that we were a bit too young. Yet through it all he has brought my wife and myself closer together. She is saved and loves the Lord. He has blessed us with nine children.

As I look back I see definite times of God's dealing with me. He has brought me from one who had known nothing to make me into a vessel fit for His use. He has filled me with His Spirit and taught me how to walk by faith. There are many things that could be shared but time does not permit me to go on.

Yours in Christ, Gary Eide