Alan Chambers

"Even though I kept going back to gay bars, I knew God loved me. He was there with me, waiting."

I knew others who left homosexuality behind, so I knew I could, too. I had a hunger for a better relationship with God but was frustrated with Him. So, one day I asked God, "Why can't I be happy? Why can't a man meet my needs?" Then it was like, God-to-Alan: "Listen wasn't created to meet another man's need, only God can do that." You know, I knew God loved me, even though I kept going back to the bars. He may not have liked what I was doing, but He still loved me. That's when I realized His commitment to me was what I had been looking for in everyone else, and that He had been there waiting all along for me to turn to Him. That's how I was able to walk away, and not want to ever go back again...God changed my desire. I want so much for others to know they can come out of homosexuality if they want believe that they can. It's important that theyknow God loves them. That's the very first step.