You don't know what you're missing

Regardless of whether you grew up in a "nice" family, or not, you've probably become used to the idea that your life probably won't be all that different from that of your parents.

Oh sure, you hope things will turn out better... you may hope to make better money and have nicer things than they did - but so far, there's not much difference in what kind of person you are. When you're honest with yourself, you might even feel that your parents are better people than you think you are.

You may already have everything you ever wanted, but now that you've got it, something is still missing - but you don't know what. You may be at a turning point!

When I was eighteen, I was just beginning to head down a path of self- destruction. I was drinking, watching smutty TV shows, and staying out late. To some, that may not seem like much, but that wasn't how I was raised - and that fact always tugged at the back of my mind.

One day, I realized that if I kept up this lifestyle, I would become like the people I was hanging out with. God was challenging me to get off the fence and decide WHICH side I was going to live on - the wordly side, or His side.

I had been taught that God's plans for my life were GOOD plans, and I could clearly see that my plans were only heading me to an empty, wasted life. I decided to get off the fence onto God's side, and I committed my life to Him. It's not like this was an easy thing to do, because this meant leaving my best (and pretty much only) friend, so I could be around better examples until my life stabilized more.

The next few years were pretty lonely for me. I was surrounded by more bad examples than good, and it was difficult to keep my mind pure. I wavered wildly back and forth across that fence. Then I decided to leave the local University I was attending and go to a technical University while living in a Christian fraternity. There I met some Christian men that made a significant impact on my life. They were good examples of men trying to live a life that pleased God.

Following graduation, I was given an awesome job and shared an appartment with a Christian man who loved God and was deeply committed to Him. The number of Christian friends I had kept growing and growing - and I eventually married a Christian woman who had become my best friend.

Less than two years after getting married, I realized that I had no mission or purpose for my life. I was happily married, had one child (and another on the way), and had every posession I needed. But what good was I? Without some life-goal, what's a person good for? I didn't want to waste my life.

Growing up in church, I had always been presented with a limited set of deeds that a person could do as a "mission" - like being a missionary or a pastor. These weren't things that matched my personality - and I couldn't imagine God wanting me to work for Him, doing something I didn't enjoy. I'd never have a smile on my face!

One day, I realized that I could take a hobby that I enjoyed quite a bit, and turn it into a ministry to tell others about God - and help other people tell other people about God. In a way, my hobby is like being the chauffer to a missionary who goes around the world telling people about God. I'm an enabler. And for years, this has been a very satisfying way for me to serve God. I really feel that my life has worth and purpose.

If every person could see how much God loves them, their lives would never be the same. Realizing God's love for me has changed my life many times, and I want to love Him back! My hobby is now a way for me to love God.

How about you? Does your life have a worthy purpose? Will your children be proud of what you were and did when you are long gone? Whose life will be different because you lived? And are you a friend with God?

Please consider giving your life to God, and seeing just how much purpose He has for you!