"Victory in Jesus"
by  George White

     When I was born I was a heartbreak to my parents, for I was born with a severe speech impediment.  No mother could have given more love and care then was given to me.  In fact, I was loved so much that I was over-protected from society.  When I started school I was laughed at, mocked and made fun of.  It hurt deeply and was to stay with me for a long time.

     When I reached the age of 12 years, I was to begin a series of corrective surgery--- nine operations  in all.  Lots of pain and many failures.  From that time of my life until I was 18 I was filled with hate and bitterness.  I hated to hear people talk, laugh or sing because I could not even converse with anyone properly.  I used to say, "Where is this God of love and compassion?  He made a mistake when I was born."

     From that time until I was 29 I was very lonely and full of self-pity.  I had begun working for the Chevrolet Motor Division when I was 18 and in the ten years I was employed there I never conversed with a single person.  I wanted to love and be loved, but it seemed it was not meant to be.  But during my twenty-ninth year the Lord gave me a wife, one of the finest Christian women anyone could ask for.  I did not know why, for I was anything but a Christian.  I joined her church (Calvary) and have been a member there every since.  For many years; however, it was in name only, as I attended only as a ritual one hour per week.  There was no love and compassion.  I was a hypocrite.

     One Sunday my dear Pastor Dorraine Snogren, read from John 14:9---a quote from Jesus to Phillip:   "Have I been with you so long, yet you do not know me?"

     Right then Jesus spoke to me saying, "George, have I been with you all your life of hate and loneliness and you do not know me?"

     I sat in my pew crying;  Jesus had come into my life.

     I went home and for the first time in my life I opened up the Bible.  I read the four Gospels through.  I wanted to know more about Jesus.  The Bible came alive in my hands as Jesus spoke to me.

     Two months later I was to go through a period of depression and weeping.  If my family left home to go somewhere I was afraid something would happen to them.  My dear Alice even suggested that I go to the doctor for a physical.  Then I remembered reading Matthew 11:28  where Jesus says,  "Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."

     On the next Monday evening in a church service, I went to the altar for the first time.  My pastor and I were alone at the altar and all I could say was, "I am afraid."

     As he placed his hands upon my head to pray, I felt two hands on my shoulders and I knew the Lord had touched me.  All my fear and depression left me.

     On March 5, 1973, I was to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Three days prior to that time I was in the hands of Satan.  Three times I was tempted;  twice I yielded and the third time I cried out, "Oh, please, Jesus, help me."

     It stopped right then.  On the fourth night I was in church listening to a sermon by Tommy Tyson on the Holy Spirit.  I had no intention of being baptized.  As I walked out of the church I was stopped and propelled into the parlor.  Sallie Stewart asked me if I had come to pray with them.  I shook my head, but unseen hands forced me to my knees while Sallie, Pat and Mike prayed for me.  The Lord led me all the way back into my life.  It was horrible.  Then, as He brought me back again, my old self faded and a new life was born.  I had a love that was beyond description.  I went home and could not sleep for two nights.  I just prayed and talked to the Lord in tongues.  It was wonderful.

     Sure, I have problems, but I know now, where to turn for help----JESUS!    In closing, I pray that all young people will not wait as I did----54 years----to know Jesus Christ.  Do it now!   God bless you.